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Karma Automotive Launches New Customer Experience Center

You may remember it as the Fisker Karma and now the beautiful plug-in hybrid luxury sedan is back under a new Southern California-based brand as the Karma Revero. Karma Automotive has big ambitions to be a disrupter in green luxury cars with new models on the way, but until those come out, the brand is growing its California investment with a new customer experience center.

Karma’s Moreno Valley, CA-based Innovation and Customization Hub is adding this customer experience center, which is meant to support a more personal connection between Karma’s exclusive group of owners and the people behind the brand. The customer experience center will also play a role in the launch of the 2020 Revero GT later in 2019 by attracting potential new customers to see the car in the flesh.

But the customer experience center isn’t just for Karma owners. It’s an indoor lounge for anyone who is interested in the brand or wants to learn more about it. You can configure your own Karma vehicle and learn about the technology that drives it while having access to brand experts who can answer your questions about the Karma brand, the Revero and the upcoming Revero GT.

For Karma owners, there’s a VVIP California Experience available. It’s a 3-day curated program for anyone who has taken delivery of a Revero in the last year as a gesture of gratitude from the brand to its customers. Owners invited to the experience will stay at a luxury hotel and get a tour of Karma’s SoCal facilities where they can get some insight into the design and creation of the vehicles they love.

Karma Automotive is a brand that is all about luxury, customization and experience just as much as it’s about the cars themselves. The startup’s new customer experience center is expected to be a big part of boosting brand awareness and getting more drivers who are interested in green luxury cars to start a relationship with Karma. Find a Karma for sale

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