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The Lincoln MKT EcoBoost Was a Weird, Fast Family Luxury SUV

It’s hard to recognize weird cars when they’re being made, largely because most vehicles don’t seem weird until they go out of production, and trends shift away from them, and people begin to wonder why "they ever made that." The Lincoln MKT is a vehicle that I think will eventually gain that weird reputation — and especially the Lincoln MKT EcoBoost.

I’ll start with a brief refresher for those of you who don’t know the MKT. The basic gist is this: the MKT is a midsize luxury SUV, except it doesn’t have much ground clearance and it’s quite long, so really it’s more of a wagon, except it’s also pretty tall, so who knows exactly what it is. What it really is, I think, is some justification to help bring the Ford Flex to production: the Flex couldn’t realistically be produced without a Lincoln counterpart, so Ford created one — the MKT.

The regular MKT was a normal enough vehicle, albeit with odd styling, but the MKT EcoBoost was especially exciting. It was essentially a high-performance version of this SUV-wagony thing, with a turbocharged V6 that made a whopping 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. The result was it could do 0-to-60 mph in 6.1 seconds, which is a tremendously quick number for a vehicle this size.

More importantly, though, it just left people wondering "Why?" The MKT itself was a bit odd — a big, 3-row Lincoln SUV similar to the old Mercedes-Benz R-Class. But why a performance version?

Sales of the MKT have always been slow, but it’s still around — and, in fact, for 2019, Lincoln dropped the base-level engine, making the EcoBoost high-performance model the new standard. But it’s clearly the red-headed step-child of the Lincoln lineup — to the point where, when you log on to Lincoln’s website, the brand’s vehicles are proudly displayed: the MKC, the Nautilus, the Continental, the MKZ, the Navigator, and … that’s it. No MKT. But it’s still around if you dig further into the website.

Of course, you can also find the MKT EcoBoost on Autotrader, where there are many available — with used ones starting to get surprisingly cheap at around $10,000. It’s an interesting car, and one we’ll all wonder about in the coming years. Find a Lincoln MKT for sale

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