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The Lincoln Navigator Has Convinced Me That Lincoln Has a Bright Future

For a long time, Lincoln has been at the bottom of the luxury car pyramid — a brand that spent much of the last two decades selling rebadged Fords with chrome accessories. In recent years, they’ve finally made some moves to turn around their image, and their sales — and now, with the new Continental and the new Navigator, I really think Lincoln’s future looks pretty bright.

For a long time, the Navigator was just a shamelessly re-badged Expedition — without much to differentiate it from its Ford sibling. Despite being featured in a number of rap songs, it just couldn’t cut it compared to the competition, with an old design that didn’t stand up to more modern rivals like the Cadillac Escalade and Infiniti QX.

Thankfully, that no longer seems to be the case. Although I haven’t spent any time around it, photos clearly show that the 2018 Navigator looks amazing on the outside. The exterior has the same Bentley-eque design language as the Lincoln Continental, which shows that Lincoln may have finally figured out its brand identity. The Navigator is bold and flashy, a necessity in its full-size luxury SUV segment, but without resorting to hard creases and aggressive lines. Perhaps the Navigator’s only exterior demerit is that it didn’t keep the same cool door handles that are included on the Continental — something I hoped would become Lincoln’s "thing."

The Navigator’s interior also looks great. The cabin is wide, with front seats positioned about a foot apart from each other — and they appear to adjust in more ways that you could possibly need. The Navigator also offers a long list of new high-tech features, like headrest screens and a heads-up display that works well with polarized sunglasses — along with all the latest safety gadgets you’d expect from a luxury car. I especially like the available blue interior that really highlights the Navigator’s handsome chrome speakers: It really gives the feel of a 1950s presidential vehicle, which is something that Lincolns really should have.

After seeing the Navigator, I think Lincoln is finally heading in the direction where they’ve nailed down how their brand should look, and what it should evoke in people — and that’s a good thing. Direction allows for advancement — and as we’ve seen with the latest crop of Lincolns, that advancement seems to be happening. Their cars are becoming desirable again, with attractive designs inside and out, and I’m personally looking forward to what the future has in store for the company. Find a 2018 Lincoln Navigator for sale

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