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Lyft and Uber Drivers in Georgia Nab Special Insurance Thanks to Mercury

Attention, Lyft and Uber drivers in Georgia: Mercury Insurance has your back.

In late February, the insurance giant announced its offering ride-hailing insurance to cover Uber, Lyft and other Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers in the Peach State. The insurance will cover the precarious spot between drivers’ personal auto insurance and the coverage provided by their TNC.

They’ve Got You Covered

According to Mercury, Lyft and Uber drivers haven’t been covered by their insurance companies because of gaps between their personal auto policy and the commercial policy provided by their TNC. That will change with this new coverage. Now, if a driver gets into an accident and are responsible, they’ll be covered for any insurance purchased.

In a statement, Jim Reeves, Mercury’s research and development group manager, explained why this benefit will be a boon to ride-hailing drivers.

“Many Georgians enjoy driving for companies like Uber and Lyft as a great way to earn a living or make extra cash because they can set their own hours, be their own bosses and meet new people,” Reeves said. “Many of them are unknowingly putting themselves and other drivers at risk, however, because they don’t have adequate insurance coverage in the event they get into an accident when their TNC app is on but they haven’t accepted a ride.”

Mercury, Reeves went on to say, wants to ensure these individuals are able to earn an honest living without having to worry about paying costly repair or medical bills out-of-pocket.

“We’ll be able to offer this peace of mind for as little as 40 cents a day,” he added.

How It Works

The ride-hailing drive cycle is divided into three periods, beginning with the first period, when drivers have turned on the ride-hailing app but haven’t accepted a fare. The second period is detailed as when drivers have accepted a fare and are on their way to pick up the passengers. The third and final phase is when drivers are transporting a rider to their destination.

This new insurance will extend drivers’ personal auto policies from the first through the third period of the cycle, giving them peace of mind.

“Mercury has been protecting drivers for more than 50 years. It’s what we do. We’re very excited to be one of the first companies to extend the coverage to ride-hailing drivers and protect not only them but [also] the drivers and families with which they come in contact on the road,” said Reeves.

Georgia isn’t the only state with this kind of coverage. It’s also available to Uber drivers in Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada and Oklahoma.

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