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Mercedes-Benz Sells the C-Class Wagon in Canada

For those of you who enjoy the Mercedes-Benz E-Class station wagon, but simply wish there were something smaller available — me, for instance — the C-Class Wagon has long existed in Europe and elsewhere in the world, taunting with its excellent proportions and more affordable pricing. Well, it turns out, the C-Class Wagon is closer than you might think: Mercedes-Benz now sells it in Canada.

Yes, it’s true: Our neighbors to the north can buy the C-Class Wagon to their hearts’ content, while us Americans must continue to suffer through a C-Class Wagon-less life. Admittedly, when I say "to their hearts’ content," I’m not being entirely truthful; Mercedes-Benz offers only one C-Class Wagon in Canada — a C 300 4Matic with 241 horsepower — but one C-Class Wagon is better than zero C-Class Wagons, am I right?

Now, I admit, we had our chance. Mercedes-Benz brought us a C-Class Wagon from 2002 to 2005, and we didn’t buy very many of them. In fact, we bought so few that Mercedes-Benz pulled it from the market early, as the C-Class from that era was sold through 2007. But it wasn’t our fault: The wagon they gave us was a rather ugly version of a rather unappealing C-Class, and it’s no surprise we hated it. We’d love it now. Really, Mercedes-Benz, we would.

We’d especially love the AMG version. In foreign markets, people interested in a hot Mercedes wagon don’t have to get the large E 63 AMG; instead, they can opt for a C 63 AMG Wagon and save some money — and some inches. Of course, the C 63 is also presumably a little more engaging than its larger E 63 counterpart, by virtue of its smaller, sportier size. Can’t we have that one?

Well, apparently not — and the Canadians can’t have it either. But they’re close. And now it’s just cruel — that we can get so close to the C-Class Wagon, and yet we can’t quite have it. Someone from Ontario could drive one right into New York and taunt Americans who have to cruise around in their normal, boring, sedan C-Classes. I can imagine the humiliation this will cause.

But there’s nothing we can do about it, and Mercedes-Benz has apparently made this decision after their experience from the early 2000s — so we must live with it, jealous of our neighbors to the north. Find a Mercedes-Benz C-Class for sale

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