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Monday Quiz 96: Can You Identify This Car?

Hello, readers of Oversteer, and welcome back to Monday Quiz, everyone’s favorite weekly game here on Oversteer, wherein I show you an image of a small part of a car, and you guess what car is shown.

As Monday Quiz regulars are probably aware, we’ve taken a bit of time off, largely so I could move to California and get settled. But now that I’m here, Monday Quiz can resume right where we’ve left off.

I’ve added the last few winners to the scoreboard, as you can see below, and now it’s time to guess away this week, where we return to the usual rules. That means you can’t edit a guess you’ve already made, but you can guess as many times as you want, if you wish to change your guess. With that in mind, guess away, and welcome back to Monday Quiz!


joord17 – 9

Kinto_M – 8

lordofdimmenska – 6

filibulg – 5

Todd Knight – 5

William Leedy – 4

Riley McBrien – 4

jakuiper – 3

Chris Laforet – 3

Christopher Scott – 2

Carson Weaver – 2

David Dempsey Sr. – 2

Seth Douglas – 2

kellner__ – 1

Ramon Dhillon – 1

ToniKola – 1

Hobo_Matt – 1

John White – 1

AzzyDesignWorks – 1

William Boucher – 1

Connor Ahl – 1

ninor9 – 1

jpaulorr – 1

Jeff Mckim – 1

Alan Williams – 1

Yunbo Liu – 1

Shaun Boyd – 1

Kaleb Parker – 1

betsyross1769 – 1

David Muchicko – 1

350zrules2003 – 1

ratchild – 1

M_Dennis87 – 1

Jon Petro – 1

Steven Tyler – 1

al_sonsin1 – 1

Jason Brown – 1

DChiFoster – 1

Doug Rosenfeld – 1

Joe_Garv – 1

Matthew Clark – 1

Jeremy Jova – 1

pmason488 – 1

Boston Ryan – 1

Doug DeMuro – 1

Todd Soden CTFL – 1

Craig Fenne – 1

Paul Harrington – 1

stzbone – 1

Jeff VK – 1

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