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Monday Quiz: Can You Identify This Car?

Hello, good people of Oversteer, and welcome to this week’s Monday Quiz, which is a game that involves me showing you an image of an extremely small part of an automobile, and you telling me what car you’re looking at.

Except for last week. Last week, I showed you an extremely small part of an automobile, like usual, and — unlike usual — I stumped you. You had no idea what was going on. You were putty in my hands; a plaything; a child’s toy to be crushed under the sole of my shoe. MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Well, not quite. Eventually, the car I pictured — the Kia Cadenza — was guessed by Doug Rosenfeld, brilliantly, even though everyone else was guessing things like the Chevy Tahoe and the Nissan NV. This was brilliant work from Other Doug, but even more brilliant work from me, as I was able to hold you people off for hours.

Anyway, now it’s time for this week’s Monday Quiz, so have at it and enjoy. I’ll be traveling when this one goes up, but I’ll try and check in to let you know if someone gets it right. And remember, if you want to change your guess, don’t edit your old one; just post a new one — there’s no limit! With that in mind, guess away! Find a car for sale

filibulg – 4
William Leedy – 4
Kinto_M – 4
jakuiper – 3
Chris Laforet – 3
Christopher Scott – 2
Carson Weaver – 2
kellner__ – 1
Ramon Dhillon – 1
ToniKola – 1
Hobo_Matt – 1
John White – 1
AzzyDesignWorks – 1
William Boucher – 1
Connor Ahl – 1
ninor9 – 1
jpaulorr – 1
Jeff Mckim – 1
Alan Williams – 1
Yunbo Liu – 1
Shaun Boyd – 1
Seth Douglas – 1
Kaleb Parker – 1
joord17 – 1
betsyross1769 – 1
David Muchicko – 1
350zrules2003 – 1
ratchild – 1
Todd Knight – 1
M_Dennis87 – 1
David Dempsey Sr. – 1
Jon Petro – 1
Steven Tyler – 1
al_sonsin1 – 1
Jason Brown – 1
DChiFoster – 1
Doug Rosenfeld – 1


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