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Monday Quiz: Can You Identify This Car?

Good news, Oversteerians of Oversteer! Today is Monday, and that means it’s time for Monday Quiz, which is the wonderful game where I post a picture of a tiny portion of a vehicle, and you tell me what vehicle I’m showing you. Some of you are freakishly good at this.

Unfortunately, I am writing to you from the distant past, so I don’t know who won last Monday. But let’s just assume it was a hard-fought battle and Kinto_M was beaten out at the very last second by someone with ultra-quick fingers. Next week, I’ll update the scoreboard with the results from this week and from last week.

With that in mind, guess away! And remember, there’s only one rule: Don’t edit your reply! If you want to make a second guess, simply create a new reply, rather than editing the one you’ve already made. Beyond that, go ahead and let the guessing begin.


joord17 – 6

Kinto_M – 5

filibulg – 4

William Leedy – 4

jakuiper – 3

Chris Laforet – 3

Todd Knight – 3

Christopher Scott – 2

Carson Weaver – 2

David Dempsey Sr. – 2

kellner__ – 1

Ramon Dhillon – 1

ToniKola – 1

Hobo_Matt – 1

John White – 1

AzzyDesignWorks – 1

William Boucher – 1

Connor Ahl – 1

ninor9 – 1

jpaulorr – 1

Jeff Mckim – 1

Alan Williams – 1

Yunbo Liu – 1

Shaun Boyd – 1

Seth Douglas – 1

Kaleb Parker – 1

betsyross1769 – 1

David Muchicko – 1

350zrules2003 – 1

ratchild – 1

M_Dennis87 – 1

Jon Petro – 1

Steven Tyler – 1

al_sonsin1 – 1

Jason Brown – 1

DChiFoster – 1

Doug Rosenfeld – 1

lordofdimmenska – 1

Joe_Garv – 1

Matthew Clark – 1

Jeremy Jova – 1

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