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Monday Quiz: Can You Identify This Car?

Good morning and welcome to Monday Quiz — everyone’s favorite game, which involves me showing you an image of a tiny part of a car, and you guessing what that car is. It’s very exciting, except that you usually guess the correct answer in a matter of seconds.

This is the last Monday Quiz I’ve written on my honeymoon, so the next version will have the scoreboard updated with all the recent winners. Until then, I think we can all assume joord17 is in the lead, and we must bow down to him, though I sincerely hope someone steals the crown from him and his constant victories.

Anyway, with that out of the way, time to remind you about our only rule: You can make as many guesses as you want, but you can’t edit your guess after you’ve made it. If you make a guess and you want to change it, just make a new guess. An edited post is a disqualifier. With that, guess away! I’ll bring back the scoreboard next week. Find a car for sale

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