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The Most Talked-About New Porsche Isn’t the 911

Here’s something I find to be incredibly interesting: Everyone seems to have forgotten the new Porsche 911. Have you noticed this? The brand new “992” version of the 911 is coming out here in North America in a few months — it’s already out globally — and yet there’s hardly a buzz about it. It’s crazy.

But that doesn’t mean Porsche is falling out of favor. Quite the opposite, in fact, because there’s a bigger buzz around a different Porsche than I’ve ever previously seen around one of the brand’s models. That would be the Taycan, of course, Porsche’s fully electric sport sedan, which is certainly among the most discussed cars of the year — right up there with the new C8 Corvette.

This is a brave new world, folks.

Think about it: The latest iteration of the 911 is coming out — merely the seventh generation of the car since it first came out way back in 1963. This is the greatest sports car of all time, by most reasonable definitions, and it’s tremendously desirable. And yet … I’m barely hearing anything about it. And when friends or strangers come up to me and talk to me about a new Porsche, it’s never the 911. It’s the Taycan.

In other words, an electric sedan is creating more of a buzz than the iconic Porsche 911. This is the world we’re now living in! For me — a big fan of future cars, and a supporter of new and improving technology — I’m fine with it. I think it’s great. Bring on the Taycan, and bring on the future of Porsche. But it’s undoubtedly an amazing situation, and one that I never would’ve predicted a decade ago — that the launch of an all-new 911 would be overshadowed by … an electric sedan.

But, indeed, that’s exactly what’s going on, and the Taycan is getting all the glory in the Porsche world right now. The future is here, Porsche is capitalizing on it, and suddenly the 911 doesn’t seem as interesting as it once did. Find a Porsche for sale

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  1. Just because more people are talking about the Taycan doesn’t mean that the 911 is falling out of favor. People are just talking about the Taycan because its an EV. If it had a gas engine, it would merely be the next-gen Panamera.

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Doug Demuro
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