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This Is the Nicest Daewoo Left on Autotrader

Ladies and gentlemen, today I bring you … the nicest Daewoo. I made this determination after carefully examining the other Daewoo models listed on Autotrader — there are 10, in total, and one is listed for just $988 — and carefully assessing the condition of each one (aka, I looked at the thumbnail and this one had all its panels painted the same color).

What exactly is a Daewoo? Well, it’s a Korean car company that intended to be very successful here in the United States, just as fellow Korean car companies Kia and Hyundai had. So it launched in something like 1999, but it failed quite quickly, so it was gone by 2001. That makes this particular Daewoo a real collectors’ item: the final year. It’s just like a final-year muscle car with all the cool add-ons and features you couldn’t get on earlier models. (Actually, the final year was 2002, but there are none of those on Autotrader, so you can brag to your friends.)

And what is this Daewoo? Well, when Daewoo launched here in the States, they initially came to the market with three vehicles: the Lanos (small), the Nubira (also small, but slightly bigger) and the Leganza (midsize; that’s this one). While the Lanos and Nubira were cheap and not especially cheerful, the Leganza wasn’t so bad — especially since you could get one with a surprisingly long list of features. This example is one of those well-equipped Leganza models: It’s a CDX, the top trim level, which included a standard automatic transmission, four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, a power sunroof, alloy wheels and automatic climate control. This thing was an even better value than Hyundai!

And, indeed, the person who originally bought this car must’ve agreed, because this is a one-owner car: sold new on August 7, 2001, registered in Spokane, Washington and lovingly maintained until it appears it was finally traded in to a dealer in March 2013. It appears that it’s been on sale ever since — and now this well-equipped, ultra-rare, final-year (wink wink) Daewoo Leganza can be yours for just $3,550Find a Daewoo Leganza for sale

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