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No-Contact Car Service: How Does It Work and Who Offers It?

The coronavirus pandemic has temporarily become a part of everyday life in America. Shopping for a car online is pretty easy but how do we get our cars serviced if a check engine light comes on or if we’re due for routine service while we’re being urged to leave the house as little as possible? There are a few things you can do at home if your car is just going to be sitting for a while, but what if you really need professional service to keep up on routine maintenance or because of an accident? Concierge car service, as it’s commonly called, can be a solution, and it’s a no-contact way to keep your car up to date on its service needs — giving you one less thing to worry about in this uncertain time.

How Does No-Contact Car Service Work?

No-contact car service started out as a bit of a luxury, but it’s now a service that some might consider essential. Some services offer concierge car service, which provides door-to-door pickup and delivery of your car for maintenance. A couple of luxury automakers either already have a service like this one or are piloting one to test it out for a potential nationwide roll-out.

You schedule a time, then a driver shows up at your house to pick up your car. They bring your car to a dealer or service station and, when the job is done, bring it back to your driveway. You never need to leave the house. For obvious reasons, this kind of service is especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing is strongly encouraged.

Whether a service like this is available near you varies. Some concierge services only serve one area, such as AutoMech in the Seattle area and Carrectly in Chicago. Perform a quick internet search for car concierge services near you to find a local service if none of the bigger ones are available.

Who Offers This Service?

Here are a few no-contact car service options. If you’re looking for information on what car dealers are doing to handle coronavirus, you can read more about that here.


Dryver offers a wide range of services, such as medical transportation and winery tours. Its most useful service right now is the concierge auto service, which picks up your car at your home, brings it in for service and brings it back when it’s done. Drivers are reserved on an hourly basis, and a minimum of three hours are required. The Dryver website advertises this service at $19.95 an hour. Just let the driver know what service your car needs in the notes section of your reservation, and the driver will pass that information to the service department.

Dryver is available in 76 cities across 31 states. Check out the Dryver map to see if it’s available near you.

Hendrick Automotive

Hendrick Automotive is a chain of auto sales and service centers with 127 locations in the U.S., most of which are in the South. On top of assuring customers that its facilities are being cleaned more thoroughly and more frequently than usual, Hendrick is offering pickup and drop-off at home for vehicle services and purchases. Just call your local Hendrick location — you can find it here — to set it up.

Lincoln Way

Lincoln Way is a services bundle offered by Lincoln Motors that aims to change the whole car ownership experience. Obviously, a big part of that experience is service and maintenance. Part of Lincoln Way is a Service Valet that provides pickup and delivery for all your maintenance needs, whether it’s a major job, a simple oil change or anything in between. The Service Valet is complimentary if your Lincoln is still under its new vehicle limited warranty. This service is valid for Lincoln models from the 2017 model year or newer. Mileage limitations apply. Find a Lincoln for sale

Sonic Automotive

Sonic Automotive is a car sales and service chain with about 100 locations nationwide. Like Hendrick Automotive, Sonic operates mostly in the South, but it can also be found in D.C., northern California and parts of Colorado. Sonic is offering a no-contact car service option during the COVID-19 crisis, in which customers can drop off their car at one of Sonic’s service centers and pick it up when it’s ready without coming into direct contact with any of the staff. Check if there’s a Sonic service location near you.


YourMechanic is a mechanic house-call service, meaning your car doesn’t even have to leave your driveway to get the maintenance it needs. You can get your car serviced in three simple steps through the YourMechanic website: first you get a quote, then you book an appointment, then you get your car fixed. YourMechanic provides transparent pricing with upfront estimates, so you won’t get stuck with any hidden fees when it’s time to pay. YourMechanic works with highly rated mechanics, and its services are backed by a reassuring 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

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Eric Brandt
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