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Sometimes, the Drive to Cars and Coffee Event Can Be More Enjoyable Than the Show

Across the United States, and even across the world, many car enthusiasts’ weekends begin with attending early morning car meets, affectionately known as Cars and Coffee. It’s a place you can find anything — from the newest muscle car offerings to the exotics you can only dream of. But sometimes, the drive to the show can be better than the actual show.

From where I live, there are really only two options for C&C events: one of the most well-known on the East Coast, Katie’s Cars and Coffee, located in Great Falls, Virginia, and Hunt Valley Cars and Coffee, located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Being so close to Washington, DC, Katie’s C&C is one place you can find some of the biggest ticket exotics on this side of the country, as well as those cars that were on your posters as a kid. For example, I saw my first Ferrari F40 there.

A few years ago, I moved a bit farther north, so Hunt Valley C&C is my usual go-to on a Saturday morning when I have nothing better to do and want to relax or take some shots for the Insta-webs. It’s a great event, but after recent reflection, I completely get why people do those road rallies across states and countries: The journey is most of the point.

My drive to the C&C takes me through some of the best roads in Maryland — with twists and turns, trees creating tunnel effects and great sunlight views through the foliage. By the time I arrive at the event, I am so hyped on driving my car — a 2012 BMW E92 M3 — that I am just a sponge to the automotive atmosphere of the show. It just makes it all better.

Words are words, but check out my driving point of view for a look at how I trek to my local Cars and Coffee with my M3.

Is the drive to your own cars and coffee, car event or car show great, too? Let me know in the comments. Find a BMW M3 for sale

For more of his automotive exploits, you can follow Danny on Instagram (@DKorecki) and check out his YouTube channel.

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  1. My drive is a boring three miles, but once I get to Hunt Valley, it’s worth it, because there is always something different and unique there.  From Street rods, to classics, to exotics, to stock antiques, to muscle cars, to rat rods, you’ll find them there, with owners ready and willing to talk.

  2. Hi Danny – glad to hear Hunt Valley getting mentioned. I attend the gatherings there as well and agree that the drive around that area is great, and filled with beautiful scenery. There are also some truly amazing cars that show up, it was my there that I saw a Mercedes Gullwing for the first time.

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