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There’s a New Nissan Xterra Available in China

If you’re an off-road SUV fan, you know the Nissan Xterra was discontinued following the 2014 model year — a disappointment for many of us, and surely a disappointment for Nissan now that the off-road SUV segment has really taken off. But as it turns out, the Xterra didn’t go away everywhere: it was fully redesigned in China, and there’s a third-generation Xterra offered there.

Admittedly, it isn’t called the Xterra — but it’s close, as it’s called the Nissan Terra. Like the Xterra, it’s based on Nissan’s pickup truck, and like the Xterra, it offers manual or automatic transmissions. It doesn’t have the same big engines as the Xterra, but I suspect that has more to do with Asian market regulations than actual engine bay capacity — meaning we could get this here in North America.

And yet, we don’t, which is perplexing to me in a world where the Jeep Wrangler and the Toyota 4Runner sell in huge numbers. This vehicle should obviously be sold in North America, and it would obviously do well — but, for whatever reason, Nissan doesn’t offer it here.

Regardless of reasoning, however, I find it very interesting that the Xterra — which I always assumed was dead until a late-night Wikipedia session convinced me otherwise — is still alive and well, with a new model available in Asia. I think this is a great opportunity for Nissan, and I think this vehicle would find a lot of buyers here in North America.

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  1. With Nissan finally updating the Frontier soon, which is what the Xterra was based off of, theres a chance they could bring the Xterra back especially given the SUV boom right now. But I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Ugh… We Don’t need MORE SUV’s here! Especially not unreliable Nissans lol… Admittedly I always liked the early 2000’s Xterra though. I want more Coupes, Sports cars and other fun cars, Still mad the Skyline was never sold here, The GT-R doesn’t count as it’s basically another exotic that no one can afford, Pretty much the opposite of what the R34 GT-R was which was a sporty version of their normal Skylines…
    But I do like SUV’s with a more tactical provenance.
    • More off road SUVs would be great, especially smaller ones (small compared to the full sized light duty truck based SUVs). I want the utility of an SUV, I’m just tired of crossover after crossover (plus I want something a bit tougher than a car platform). I feel like Nissans trucks are more reliable, any product of theirs that doesn’t have a CVT seem to be okay. That being said, if I wanted an SUV I’d get a 4Runner or hold out for the new Bronco.

  3. It isn’t available because they don’t have a ” Luxury” version of the car. The Nissan Terra is very basic as far as car packages are concerned, and they didn’t think the vehicle would sell well to “spoiled Americans”.

    • Pretty much why the Toyota Hilux was never sold here, This is the land of the trophy trucks not the basic go anywhere truck that militia’s the world over use as gun trucks.

  4. Same thing with the Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero Sport. Was cancelled in America, but you can buy a new version in other places in the world (Mexico for example). Would be cool if you review one Doug!

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Doug Demuro
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