These Are the Best CPO BMW Bargains for Sale on Autotrader

If you’re looking for a used BMW, you might get scared off by the obvious: potential repair costs. Fortunately, we have a solution for you. If you get a certified pre-owned model, you get a used BMW at a huge discount from new — and you also get a factory warranty that gives you peace of mind. BMW’s certified pre-owned program currently only offers one year of additional warranty coverage, but drivers can usually extend the coverage for more years at an additional fee. Here are some of the best certified pre-owned BMW bargains currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

2015 BMW 435i Gran Coupe - $29,990

2015 BMW 435i Gran Coupe – $29,990

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe is one of my favorite models, as it combines BMW performance with hatchback usability and practicality — for only a small premium over the (less practical) 3 Series. The 435i model is especially the one you want, compared to the less powerful 430i variant — and this particular example is the one you want most, as it’s a certified pre-owned 2015 model with just 22,588 miles offered for just $29,990. It’s available at Fields BMW in Lakeland, Florida.

2015 BMW 740i - $33,894

2015 BMW 740i – $33,894

The BMW 7 Series is the brand’s high-luxury flagship model — and a new 7 Series can easily cost well over $100,000, given starting prices of around $85,000. But the 7 Series loses value quickly, and this particular example is a bargain. It’s a certified pre-owned 2015 model with just 28,000 miles, and it’s listed for sale for just $33,894 — truly a fraction of its original price. It’s finished in silver with a black interior, and it’s offered by BMW Midtown in Houston, Texas.

2016 BMW M3 - $43,949

2016 BMW M3 – $43,949

The BMW M3 is BMW’s sporty sedan, and it’s technically the "entry level" M sedan — though that’s hard to believe, given that new prices start from around $67,500 before options, and can easily crest $80,000. But certified pre-owned models offer some relief from that pricing. This particular certified pre-owned example is a 2016 M3 that’s covered just 37,000 miles, and it’s offered for sale by BMW of Austin in Texas, for just $43,949 — a huge discount from new.

2015 BMW M5 - $51,788

2015 BMW M5 – $51,788

The BMW M5 is the high-performance BMW sedan everyone wants, with sports car like handling and amazing acceleration. New M5 models are very expensive, though, pushing $100,000 — or well over if you check all the boxes. This particular M5 represents a bargain, as it’s a 2015 model with a certified pre-owned warranty and a list price of just $51,788. It’s offered by BMW of Gwinnett Place in the Atlanta, Georgia area with 36,366 miles.

2015 BMW X5 xDrive35i - $29,876

2015 BMW X5 xDrive35i – $29,876

The BMW X5 is a desirable sporty luxury crossover — but new examples keep getting more expensive, especially as BMW adds "lower-end" luxury crossovers to the lineup positioned below the X5. But if the X5 is the one you want, a certified pre-owned one is the way to go — and this particular example is an especially good deal, as it’s listed for under $30,000. It’s offered by BMW of Mount Laurel, in southern New Jersey near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it’s traveled 58,000 miles from new.

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