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These Are the Cheapest Mercedes-Benz Models For Sale on Autotrader

There’s an old saying that the cheapest luxury car turns out to be the most expensive — not due to purchase price, but rather because of maintenance and repair costs that go along with buying the “cheapest” of something. What you see here is a list of the cheapest Mercedes-Benz models currently listed for sale on Autotrader — although I invite you to keep that old saying in mind if you’re considering a cheap Mercedes. Still, if you want a 3-pointed star without a lot of money up front, here are your best options.

Cheapest Mercedes: 1999 C280 - $970

Cheapest Mercedes: 1999 C280 – $970

The cheapest Mercedes-Benz model currently listed for sale on Autotrader is this 1999 C280, which is offered by a private seller in the Chicago, Illinois area. It’s rusty and it’s traveled 178,000 miles, but the seller says this C280 runs great, and has benefited from regular oil changes with synthetic oil. It’s finished in gold with a beige interior, and it’s offered for just $970.

Cheapest Mercedes AMG: 2001 E55 - $2,995

Cheapest Mercedes AMG: 2001 E55 – $2,995

The cheapest AMG model is this 2001 E55, which is one of my all-time favorite AMG cars. Finished in silver with a black interior, this E55 is likely so cheap because of its mileage, which is just shy of 200,000. It still looks handsome, though, and the interior and exterior are well-kept — and it’s offered by Westcoast Autoworks in the Seattle, Washington area for $2,995.

Cheapest Mercedes SUV: 1999 ML430 - $995

Cheapest Mercedes SUV: 1999 ML430 – $995

The cheapest Mercedes-Benz SUV on Autotrader is this 1999 ML430, which hails from the second year of the M-Class and the first year with its 4.3-liter V8. This ML430 has traveled a whopping 275,000 miles, and it’s listed with just one photo — the one you see above. The ad takes care to note that it isn’t mechanically perfect, but says the car has served as basic transportation for six years. This ML430 is finished in silver with a gray interior, and it’s offered in San Diego, California for just $995.

Cheapest Mercedes V12: 1993 600SL - $5,500

Cheapest Mercedes V12: 1993 600SL – $5,500

The cheapest V12-powered Mercedes-Benz currently listed for sale on Autotrader is this 1993 600SL, which is an early version of the “R129” model that made its debut for the 1990 model year. This 600SL has traveled just 93,000 miles and the ad says it’s running well — though it notes the climate control isn’t working. This 600SL is offered by a private seller in New Milford, Connecticut, for just $5,500.

Cheapest Mercedes Convertible: 2003 CLK320 - $2,995

Cheapest Mercedes Convertible: 2003 CLK320 – $2,995

The cheapest Mercedes-Benz convertible currently listed for sale on Autotrader is this 2003 CLK320, which is silver with a gray interior. The ad doesn’t note the mileage of this car, but this CLK does include aftermarket wheels and Mercedes’ reliable 3.2-liter 6-cylinder engine. This CLK is offered by Superior Auto Center in Fontana, California, east of Los Angeles, for just $2,995.

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  1. For political reason I won’t support Mercedes but also because they are notoriously unreliable, My BMW is already a handful I couldn’t imagine how much worse a Merc was… And on a side note, I heard an ad on the radio that the Porsche 911 was the most reliable car tested…. I was like what?! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ahhhh AHAHAHAHA! *breathes* Two words… IMS FAILURE.

    Also funny how Toyota a brand renowned for their reliability essentially used a BMW Z4 as the base for the Supra, As soon as people try to push some horsepower out of it I can see it, VANOS, Rod bearings, Vacuum lines, CBU… It was hilarious hearing the famous BMW ‘gong’ (Same as my 3-series) in the Supra, I was like couldn’t they at least change the sounds? But to be honest, KIA and Hyundai are essentially BMW’s too now with former M-division people working there and when you see a KIA you can definitely tell it looks BMW-esque with the grill design and side ports, The other day I saw a Stinger I think and I could’ve sworn it was some new BMW.
  2. I would be tempted by that E55 AMG, if it wasn’t for the fact that it has clearly been crashed, and very poorly repaired. Just look at how the hood aligns with the headlights at the passenger side.

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