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These Are the Most Expensive 1980s Cars For Sale on Autotrader

The 1980s are becoming a highly nostalgic decade, with lots of 1980s items starting to earn more appreciation as they’re slowly trending towards “vintage” and “cool.” This includes cars — and some 1980s cars are becoming seriously expensive as time goes on. Here are five of the most expensive 1980s cars currently listed for sale on Autotrader, with duplicates removed (only the most expensive Countach is included, for instance) for a little variety.

1986 Ferrari Testarossa - $225,000

1986 Ferrari Testarossa – $225,000

Although the Ferrari Testarossa market has softened from its previous peak over the last few years, this 1986 model is still big money — largely because it has it all: it’s finished in Rosso Corsa with a beige leather interior, and it’s traveled just 6,057 miles from new, which makes it one of the lowest-mileage Testarossa models. It’s currently offered by Merlin Auto Group in Atlanta for $225,000.

1989 Ferrari 328 GTS - $239,900

1989 Ferrari 328 GTS – $239,900

Although the Ferrari 328 GTS is absolutely not a $240,000 car in general, this particular one is unbelievably special: it’s traveled just 1,926 miles from new. Although most Ferrari models are low-mileage “weekend” cars, this is especially excessive, and it’s likely one of the lowest-mileage 328 models in existence. This 328 GTS is finished in black with a beige interior, and it’s offered by Marshall Goldman Motors in the Cleveland area for $239,900.

1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet - $299,991

1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet – $299,991

Old Porsche models are rapidly climbing in value, and few 1980s Porsche models are more valuable than the “930,” which was Porsche’s model code for the 1980s 911 Turbo. This particular 930 is more valuable than most, as it’s a rare Cabriolet model, and it’s a factory slant nose vehicle, which was a rare factory option. That, combined with the fact that this 911 Turbo has done just 21,500 miles, earns it an impressive asking price: $299,991, from Sloane Porsche in the Philadelphia suburbs.

1988 Lamborghini Countach - $397,990

1988 Lamborghini Countach – $397,990

The Lamborghini Countach is one of the best-known cars of the 1980s, and prices of Countach models are climbing fast. This 1988 Countach is finished in red with a black interior and gold wheels, and it’s traveled just 9,138 miles from new — a low number, even for a Countach. It’s currently offered by Lamborghini Beverly Hills for $397,990, which makes it the most expensive Countach on Autotrader — though it’s also clearly one of the best.

1988 Lamborghini LM002 - $435,000 

1988 Lamborghini LM002 – $435,000

The most expensive 1980s car on Autotrader isn’t a car at all — it’s an SUV, and specifically a Lamborghini LM002. This was Lamborghini’s original SUV, and it’s still a famous one, offering Hummer like styling and angry, bulging dimensions that are rarely replicated with modern SUVs. This particular LM002 has traveled 34,000 miles, and it recently completed a pricey $45,000 service that involved a transmission rebuild, a new clutch and much more. It’s offered by Cats Exotics in the Seattle area for $435,000.

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