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These Are the Most Expensive Ferrari Models Listed For Sale on Autotrader

Here’s something that you shouldn’t forget: Some Ferrari models are expensive. Really, really, really expensive. I mean just insanely expensive. Although you may already know this, I’ve decided to give you a little refresher by listing the six most expensive Ferrari models currently listed for sale on Autotrader (skipping duplicate models, as usual). You cannot afford these cars. You may not be able to afford these cars even if you won the lottery. But oh, is it fun to look.

Ferrari Enzo

2003 Ferrari Enzo – $3.7 Million

This is the single most expensive Ferrari (and, most likely, the most expensive car) currently listed on Autotrader: a 2003 Enzo that’s available for $3.7 million. Offered by Ferrari of Newport Beach in Southern California with only 3,600 miles on the odometer, it’s painted in an unusual red dubbed “Rosso Dino” — a color that looks slightly more orange than Ferrari’s traditional “Rosso Corsa” red. It’s a gorgeous car, and it’s had just one owner its whole life — an owner who has faithfully serviced it at Ferrari of Newport Beach despite keeping its miles very low. Find a 2003 Ferrari Enzo for sale

1995 Ferrari F50

1995 Ferrari F50 – $3.6 Million

The second most expensive Ferrari on Autotrader is this 1995 F50, which is offered for a massive $3.6 million. For those who aren’t up on their Ferrari knowledge, the F50 is the third of Ferrari’s five supercars, a list that also includes the 288 GTO, F40, Enzo and LaFerrari. The F50 has the distinction of being the second-rarest, with a claimed 349 made for the entire world, which makes it especially sought-after for anyone interested in completing a full set of Ferrari supercars. This one is offered by Cherry Hill Jaguar near Philadelphia, and its Carfax report indicates that it’s a rare U.S. model that spent much of its life on the West Coast before coming to Florida in 2009. Find a 1995 Ferrari F50 for sale

2011 Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

2011 Ferrari 599 SA Aperta – $1.6 Million

The Ferrari 599 was the brand’s V12-powered successor to the popular 550 and 575M Maranello, and the predecessor of the current F12berlinetta. While a standard 599 isn’t a particularly unusual or special car compared to other Ferrari models, this “SA Aperta” version is: It’s the ultra-rare convertible version of the 599, and Ferrari claims it built just 80 units for the entire world — making it one of the rarest Ferrari models in modern history. This one is offered for $1,599,000 by Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale, and it’s covered just 279 miles from new — likely making it one of the best-preserved Aperta models in the world. Find a 2011 Ferrari 599 SA Aperta for sale1990 Ferrari F40

1990 Ferrari F40 – $1.6 Million

It’s amazing that three of Ferrari’s five supercar models are currently listed for sale on Autotrader. This F40 is number three — and while its $1.6 million asking price pales in comparison to $3 million-plus for the Enzo and the F50, it’s still big money (and a very special car). This is likely one of the nicest U.S.-spec F40 models in existence, as it’s traveled just 3,129 miles since new. Offered by Ferrari of Beverly Hills, this car was sold new in Texas, and (according to the Carfax report) spent time in many places, including the United Arab Emirates, Arizona and — this can’t be a coincidence — Cherry Hill Jaguar, home of the F50 listed above, where it was serviced several times. Find a 1990 Ferrari F40 for sale

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO – $799,900

The Ferrari 599 GTO isn’t quite as special as the SA Aperta listed above — but it’s still an ultra-exciting Ferrari, with an ultra-high price tag to match. When the 599 GTO came out as the high-performance version of the regular 599, it was the fastest car ever to lap Ferrari’s Fiorano test track; Ferrari subsequently said they built just 599 examples of the car, with a mere 125 coming to the United States. Offered for $799,900 by Miller Motorcars, the Ferrari dealership in Greenwich, Connecticut, this 599 GTO is finished in a beautiful shade of red — and it’s traveled just 1,143 miles since going home with its first owner in Connecticut in 2011. Find a 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO for sale

2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale A

2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale A – $729,900

The Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale A is, as its name suggests, special. The “A” stands for “Aperta,” which is the designation Ferrari is now giving to its low-production open-roof cars — like the LaFerrari Aperta and the 599 SA Aperta shown above. The Speciale A is essentially the high-performance open-top version of the 458, and Ferrari says production was limited to just 499 examples for the whole world. This one is offered by Fusion Luxury Motors near Los Angeles with an asking price of $729,900 and an odometer that reads just 3,206 miles. Find a 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia for sale

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Doug Demuro
Doug Demuro
Doug DeMuro writes articles and makes videos, mainly about cars. Doug was born in Denver, Colorado, and received an economics degree from Emory University in Atlanta. After graduation, Doug spent three years working for Porsche Cars North America. Eventually, he quit his job to become a writer, largely because it meant that he no longer had to wear pants. Doug’s work has been featured in a... Read More about Doug Demuro

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  1. I couldn’t help but notice the really generic description in the listings on Ferrari Beverly Hills site. Here is one listing for a Porsche 918 Spyder: “A great vehicle and a great value! With less than 4,000 miles on the odometer, this model delivers an exhilarating ride without compromising ultimate luxury! Porsche prioritized practicality, efficiency, and style by including: power door mirrors, rain sensing wipers, and power windows. Porsche made sure to keep road-handling and sportiness at the top of it’s priority list. It features an automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and a powerful 8 cylinder engine.”

    Really?! These are the highlights? They might as well be talking about a Nissan Altima. No effort or creativity put into this.
  2. Once again, you have to take Ferrari mileage with a big grain of salt. That F40 has had more homes than miles. 

  3. These are all insane, but I can at least understand the F40/F50/Enzo prices.  The performance versions of the regular car having a 2-3x markup for a few more HP and carboned out interior doesnt make sense.

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