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Tokyo Preview: Mitsubishi Mirage, PX-MiEV II

A new subcompact hatchback and a handsome crossover concept will highlight the Mitsubishi display at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show. According to the automaker, an all-new Mirage hatchback will make its debut in Tokyo, where it will be joined on stage by the Concept PX-MiEV II, a plug-in hybrid crossover that could soon be added to Mitsubishi’s expanding electric vehicle lineup.

According to Mitsubishi, the Concept PX-MiEV II combines the automaker’s plug-in hybrid technology with the utility of an SUV. While the the PX-MiEV II’s has a fully electric engine capable of propelling it up to 31 miles on battery power alone, it also has a range-extending gasoline engine, similar to the setup found in the plug-in Chevrolet Volt.¬†According to Mitsubishi, that gas engine produces 94 horsepower, in addition to the two 80-horsepower electric motors that power the SUV’s all-wheel drive system. All told, Mitsubishi says the concept SUV has a range of nearly 500 miles and accelerates like a traditional V6.

While the PX-MiEV II is certainly noteworthy for its advanced plug-in hybrid technology, the concept SUV also offers a stylish, eye-catching exterior. Featuring clean lines, elegant proportions and up-to-date design elements like clear tail lights and sculpted exterior contours, the PX-MiEV proves you don’t have to sacrifice appearance to save the environment. And according to Mitsubishi, you don’t need to sacrifice all-weather traction, either. That’s because the concept SUV also features the rally-inspired all-wheel drive system from the Lancer Evolution X, giving it enough grip to stay on the road in just about any weather condition.

The Tokyo Auto Show will also host the world debut of Mitsubishi’s newest subcompact hatchback. Officially dubbed the Mirage, the new five-door replaces the Colt as Mitsubishi’s global entry-level model and features a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with a continuously variable automatic transmission and stop/start technology. While it’s unlikely to come to the US, Mitsubishi says the subcompact will arrive in other markets beginning in March.

As the show draws nearer, we’ll provide more information about Mitsubishi’s lineup and all the other new models making their debuts in Tokyo.

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