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Used Cars: The Best Holidays for Deals on Pre-owned Cars

Other than maybe buying a mattress on Presidents’ Day, most consumers don’t think much about shopping on holidays. Many holidays, however, provide more bargains on used cars than the rest of the year. Automotive research firm recently ranked several holidays according to the percentage increase of pre-owned-car deals they offer over average shopping days.

There appears to be neither rhyme nor reason for sellers to offer deals on many of these holidays, other than attempting to attract consumers away from typical holiday activities. Is there any relationship between used-car shopping and, say, Martin Luther King Day, Columbus Day or Halloween? Nope, but they’re among the holidays on’s list. Arguably the biggest head-scratcher is the No. 1-ranked Veterans Day: Although many retailers offer sales on this holiday, what motivates sellers of pre-owned cars to do the same in greater numbers than on any other day of the year?

Not on the list is the Fourth of July. That’s because it’s one of the worst days of the year for finding bargains on used cars. According to, the Fourth offers 17 percent fewer deals than the average shopping day.

If you’re thinking about buying a used car, now’s the time to do it. The same research reveals that November and December are by far the two best months for deals on pre-owned cars.

Here’s’s list of top-10 holidays and their percentage of deals over the average:

  1. Veterans Day – 43.2 percent
  2. Black Friday – 37.5 percent
  3. Christmas Eve – 35.6 percent
  4. Thanksgiving – 33 percent
  5. Christmas Day – 31.4 percent
  6. Halloween – 30.9 percent
  7. New Year’s Eve – 30.2 percent
  8. Martin Luther King Day – 23.4 percent
  9. Columbus Day – 16.1 percent
  10. New Year’s Day – 13 percent

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