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Video | The 2019 Ford GT Is America’s Insane $600,000 Supercar

I recently had the chance to drive a brand-new 2019 Ford GT, which is truly one of the most amazing supercars in existence. Part of the reason why you know it’s amazing is the price tag: Ford charges something like $600,000 for one of these, which is an enormous amount of money for a car. Of course, it’s also an enormous amount of car.

Here are the basics. The GT features a turbocharged V6 — more on that in a minute — that makes 647 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. It does 0-to-60 mph in something like 3 seconds, and it’ll hit a top speed of 217 mph. It’s powerful and, clearly, it’s fast — and Ford is only building something like 1,250 units, so it’s pretty special, too.

I’ve driven the GT before. I first drove it a couple of years ago in Utah during the press launch, but I was only able to spend about a half an hour behind the wheel. Things are different now, as I borrowed this particular GT from its owner, Karl Brauer, who lent me the car for the whole day. First, we drove around Irvine, in Southern California, and then I pored over the car — and its quirks and features — to find out exactly what’s good and bad about the GT.

You can see my examination of the GT’s quirks and features in the video linked above, so I’m going to devote this article instead to the car’s driving experience — and I’ll start by noting that it’s just fantastic. Specifically, the engine performance is fantastic: the 0-to-60 mph time is 3 seconds, as I’ve already noted, and it just feels so incredibly, insanely quick, with instant torque and acceleration at all speeds. I’ve also always felt the GT makes a truly fantastic noise, and I truly believe that any complaint about this car’s powertrain is largely theoretical: people complain because they think a supercar “shouldn’t have” a V6, not because this particular V6-powered supercar is in some way disappointing. In fact, this car’s powertrain outperforms the engine in many, many, many V8-powered supercars I’ve driven.

The handling, too, is absolutely fantastic. The GT is tremendously precise, with an amazing on-road feel that begins the process of steering the car the moment you even begin to tap any sort of input into the steering wheel. It really is some of the very best precision I’ve ever felt in any exotic car, ever, and it underscores just how brilliantly the GT is meant for the race track.

Unfortunately, the GT’s track focus isn’t all good. The GT’s ride quality is incredibly stiff, more than virtually any other exotic car — and the interior is incredibly bare, with truly zero storage for any sort of cargo. There’s no cargo storage on the outside, either, so don’t expect to bring your GT on any weekend trips. The seats are fixed, the ride is harsh, visibility is difficult, and the car simply feels like it’s more at home on smooth pavement than normal roads.

Fortunately, it can drive on normal roads quite well — as long as you can put up with it. The transmission, for instance, is smooth at all speeds. And even though it fires off tremendously quick gear changes when you’re going hard, it doesn’t require you to deal with jerky gear changes at low speeds. And the steering wheel is actually quite nice, integrating virtually every button and switch that you’d normally have to reach for into one of the most convenient places in the entire car.

If I had to sum up the Ford GT in one single word, the word would be “focused.” It’s a great track car and a very serious performance car and a wonderful showcase for what the EcoBoost V6 can do. It’s not a GT car, or a very good all-rounder — you wouldn’t want to frequently take it to the grocery store, or commute in it, or put up with the harsh ride and the zero cargo space and the fear of damaging such an expensive vehicle. So you save it for the perfect moment, for the right road, for the most engaging drive. And when you do that, it truly shines like few other exotic cars I’ve ever driven. Find a Ford GT for sale

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