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Video | 5 Winter Car Care Hacks

Freezing temperatures can cause all kinds of inconveniences when it comes to getting your car on the road. From fogged up windows to frozen locks, cold weather has a way of making trouble. But you don’t have to run to the local automotive store every time there’s winter weather in the forecast. There are plenty of homemade solutions to get your car thawed, defrosted and unfrozen, even in the harshest conditions. Here are five winter car care hacks you’ll be glad to know about:

1. Make a Do-It-Yourself De-Icer by mixing three parts vinegar with one part water. Then put the solution in a spray bottle and coat your windshield and windows to melt ice and prevent further freezing from occurring.

2. Keep your side mirrors clear by wrapping them in a plastic bags secured by a rubber bands. This will keep precipitation from forming on and in the mirror housing. But don’t forget to remove the bag before you start driving!

3. Prevent your doors from freezing shut by spraying cooking spray along the rubber stripping in the inner door frame. This will keep water from collecting and then freezing. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get into your car, especially in the cold of winter. Brrrr!

4. De-fog your car’s interior with kitty litter. That’s right, kitty litter pulls moisture from the air. So fill up a sock or two and place them in the car (hanging from the rear-view mirror is a perfect spot). This easy trick will help keep your windows from fogging up on the inside. And if that doesn’t eliminate all the fog, take a clean chalkboard eraser and wipe the inside of your windows. Watch that fog disappear!

5. Just like windows and doors, your locks can freeze, too. Thaw them out by heating up your key with a lighter or match. You can also dissolve the ice by squirting some hand sanitizer into the keyhole. That’ll unfreeze your locks in a hurry.

With quick car care solutions and home remedies like these, you have nothing to fear in the sub-zero weather. Bring it on, winter!


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