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What Might an ‘Entry-Level’ Koenigsegg Cost?

Christian von Koenigsegg recently announced that he would begin work on an entry-level car. I would like to ask you, dear Oversteer reader, what you think such a supercar might cost? Current offerings are in the eye watering $2 million range and go up from there, but it’s expected that the new car will cost a mere 800,000 Euros (approximately $900,000). What a great time to be alive!

First, let’s see why such an "inexpensive" new model would be such a big deal for the small Swedish car company. The company first started with the CC8 in the early 2000s, which evolved into the CCR, and then the CCX, their first "global" model. As you may have seen here on Oversteer, the CCX was the ultimate supercar of the day, which was about a decade ago. When it originally debuted, circa 2006, it was their equivalent of an "entry level car." With an original MSRP of $695,000, it was significantly cheaper than present day models. Even when you adjust for inflation, that’s "only" $856,584.10 in 2019 U.S. dollars. Things have gone significantly more sideways since then — and if you want to ante up for a newer Koenigsegg, you had better be pretty well off.


Cars like the Agera came next, which can run you up to $10 million. Today, they have been producing the Regera, with the new "Jesko" super-hyper-mega car in the works. Expect both to have significant 7-digit price tags. They are both also limited to pretty small production numbers. The new entry-level car, due in 2020, would begin with a triple digit production target — and Koenigsegg says that by 2022, he hopes to be producing "thousands" of cars! Expect a naturally aspirated version of the company’s 5.0-liter V8 in the new car with some additional help from electricity, as well as their new "camless" engine technology currently being developed.

So, how would a new $900,000 supercar from Koenigsegg compare to current supercar offerings? Well, it doesn’t really.

Ferrari will sell you lots of six-figure cars, none currently in that price range. For 2019, the 812 Superfast and the GTC4Lusso both start at over $300,000 — but that’s about as expensive as it gets. Over at Lamborghini, the mighty Aventador will run you north of $400,000 — but that means you could have one of those, plus a Huracán, plus a Urus, for the price of the entry-level Koenigsegg. So, basically the entire Lambo lineup. Same deal at Aston Martin, as the DBS Superleggera starts just over $300,000 — and then you get into super limited production cars like the Valkyrie that will run well north of $1 million. The closest car I could find for a price comparison was the McLaren Senna, which has an initial MSRP of $837,000.

In reality, Koenigseggs normally compete in rarified air against cars from Pagani and Bugatti, plus all those special models like the LaFerrari, the P1, etc. from the aforementioned automakers. So perhaps this new addition to the lineup will do for Koenigsegg what the Cayenne and the Panamera did for Porsche, on a smaller level. It may help their economies of scale to make production of all of their amazing cars cheaper. And in that scenario, everyone wins! Mostly Doug, since he gets to actually drive some of these cars.

In the end, I’d still take a laundry list of awesome cars over one super special car, but perhaps that’s just non-rich people talk!

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