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Yes, There’s Now Another Special-Edition Lotus Elise

Another day, another special-edition version of the Lotus Elise. But this one has a wing! And it’s designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their current factory, which means they will produce only 50 examples. Despite this, it will be called the Elise 250 Special Edition. See the 2016 Lotus Elise models for sale near you

The reason for the name is that the Elise 250 Special Edition is based on the Elise 250 Cup, which is itself so named because (I believe) it has roughly 250 horsepower. I say "roughly" because it actually has 243 horsepower (or 246 PS), but I believe Lotus named it this using a philosophy that the engineering department has followed for many years: "Close enough."

The Elise 250 Special Edition features a wing, a carbon-fiber front splitter and ultra-light wheels, along with typical Elise components such as a slick manual transmission, driver-selectable Sport and Race settings and — in the words of Lotus — a "pure and precise driving experience." Aiding this driving experience is a curb weight of just 899 kilograms, or roughly 1,980 pounds.

Unfortunately, the Elise 250 Special Edition, like all Elise models, won’t make its way to the United States — largely due to the fact that Lotus’ waiver for smart airbags expired, but also because Toyota stopped building the engine that used to power U.S. Elises. But never fear! If you live in the U.S. and want a special-edition Elise, you can always get the California Edition. Or the Elise SC. Or the 35th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Type 72D. Or the 60th Anniversary Edition. Or the Purist Edition. Or the Club Racer. Or … Find a 2016 Lotus Elise for sale

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