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You Should Probably Buy a Honda Civic Type R Since They’re Going for Less Than $30k

The Type R on a Honda Civic was a nameplate that was unobtainium for folks in the United States for the longest time. That all changed back in 2017 when the Honda Civic Type R was released to our shores.

With price tags on new models starting around $40,000 and dealer markups running rampant at the time of the Type R’s release, getting one wasn’t particularly easy on the budget. Well, get your wallet ready, because prices are dropping on those 2017 and 2018models and no one is noticing — until now.

These models are the fastest Honda Civic Type Rs ever, and they were once even pegged as the fastest front-wheel-drive vehicle around the famous Nurburgring. At first glance, the Type R might look like an appearance package, but it came with more than enough power to back up its aggressive looks.

Based on the 10th generation Honda Civic Hatchback, the Type R came powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged I-4 engine pushing out over 300 horsepower, accessible only through a 6-speed manual transmission. When you can find a moment to take your hand off that transmission, the Civic Type R comes with a ride-mode selector. With a flick of your finger, you can go from Comfort to Sport, and when you want to feel everything the Type R has to offer, to +R. You want the +R.

Honda Civic Type R

There are a handful of used 2017 and 2018 Honda Civic Type R models for sale below $30,000 right now on Autotrader. There’s even a 2019 model or two right at the $30,000 mark. The mileage on these 2017-2018 models ranges between 10,000 miles and 60,000 miles, so they aren’t exactly near the end of their life. And anyway it is a Honda, so the top-tier performance model is built to last.

Well, the secret is out with this article, so if you want to pick up a sub-$30k Civic Type R you better act quickly. Find a Honda Civic for sale

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  1. These numbers definitely aren’t happening in CA sadly…someone find me a clean 15k mileage example for $30k and I’ll throw my money at that thing quick (or maybe everyone already did this lol)

    • It happens to every new car release of a special model. Look at the Jeep Gladiator and when the JL Wrangler came out. Now you can get either for pretty decent discounts. The GT350/R was the same way.

      Unless you need something right away it’s best to wait a year or two. 

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