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2015 Honda Fit: Road Trip to Mississippi

After driving our long-term 2015 Honda Fit around Atlanta several times, I realized how much I like this car. The interior is spacious for a subcompact, and the ride quality for a car this small has been an unexpected surprise. When I was given the keys to the car for Christmas vacation, I jumped at the chance to drive it home to Mississippi for a week. Would the Fit behave as well out on the open road as it did in city driving?

Great Interior

Several years ago, the thought of driving across two states in a subcompact car would seem unthinkable. Most rode like tanks and felt about as safe as driving in a shoebox. The 2015 Honda Fit is proof, however, that you no longer have to give up a great ride and creature comforts when buying a subcompact. The front seats are comfortable, have a decent amount of width and are better bolstered than other subcompacts I’ve driven. I had plenty of room to stretch out my legs with the car in cruise control, and after driving for more than 6 hours, the Fit didn’t make me feel tired or rattled. I’ve also come to appreciate satellite radio on long trips, and the Fit’s 180-watt, 6-speaker system kept me entertained while sounding great. The only drawback was some difficulty in configuring my favorite stations.

Storage behind the Fit’s back seat was ample enough for a large rolling suitcase and a medium-sized tote. I was also able to store several small boxes of gifts without lowering the back seat. Transporting larger gifts, such as a small rolling tool chest, a shop vacuum and a pressure washer, was a snap with the rear seat lowered. The Fit’s rear seats fold down easily and usually only need one hand for the job.

I had a couple of minor grievances about the interior during the drive, however. For starters, the center console could benefit from a better design. I like to drink large coffees on long trips, but getting the cup into the console’s cupholder isn’t an easy task. The gearshift somewhat blocks easy access, and the bottom of the dash hangs low, making it difficult to fit a large cup in the holder. Fortunately, though, there’s a cupholder on the left side of the dash. I also would’ve appreciated a better armrest on the center console. It’s tiny and pushed too far back behind the seat to be of much use.

Road Manners

On the road, the 130-horsepower engine and continuously variable transmission (CVT) worked well together. There was plenty of power for passing other drivers and for climbing the rolling hills of Alabama and Mississippi. Granted, the engine droned a bit at highway speeds, but it was no worse than in other small cars I’ve driven. The Fit’s CVT worked flawlessly, rarely hesitating to quickly reach highway speeds, and it didn’t feel underpowered.

Surprising MPG

The Fit logged some impressive miles per gallon during the trip. On the highway, it averaged from 41.7 to 47.9 mpg, which is considerably better than the Environmental Protection Agency’s 38-mpg rating. Overall, the Fit averaged 39.6 mpg in combined city and highway driving when in Eco mode. This feature on CVT-equipped models helps optimize system control of the transmission, engine and powertrain to save fuel. Based on the numbers, I’d say this feature does its job well.

The Verdict

Overall, the Fit was a pleasure to drive during my holiday road trip. After logging a little over 1,300 miles, it became clear why this is one of my favorite subcompacts. It’s a solid performer, gets great gas mileage and offers a great ride. I’m looking forward to spending more time behind the wheel of this sporty little compact.

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