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2016 Subaru Legacy: 2-Month Impressions

We’ve now had our 2016 Subaru Legacy long-term test car for 2 months — ample time to settle into the midsize sedan and get seriously acquainted with its features, its driving experience, and its benefits and drawbacks. Our executive editor Brian Moody has spent the most time with the car, and he’s providing his overall take after 2 months behind the wheel.

It’s a "Just Right" Car

According to Brian, the Legacy’s best attribute is that it’s a "just right" car. By this, he means that the Legacy is "neither over-the-top nor excessively low-budget," further noting that the Legacy is "fun to drive hard but comfortable enough for everyday commuting." Brian also notes that the interior is "comfortable and contemporary in both look and feel."

Overall, we think the Legacy is highly comparable to rivals like the Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima — three of our favorite midsize sedans. However, the Legacy’s standard all-wheel drive gives it a clear advantage over those models, as they don’t offer all-wheel drive. While some other competitors offer all-wheel drive, no other rival includes it as standard equipment like the Legacy does.

Excellent Styling

Beyond the Legacy’s "just right" interior and driving experience, we’re starting to really enjoy its styling. In fact, we think its looks help it to stand out from the rest of its midsize-sedan rivals, many of which are far too similar for our liking.

We think the new Legacy’s design includes some major improvements over the outgoing model. One clear example is in the sedan’s fenders, which now boast a small, attractive gap over the wheels that gives the Legacy a sporty look. This is a big difference from the outgoing model and its unusually large fender flares. Our only complaint: We wish the front-end styling was a little bolder and more radical.

Wish List

Two months behind the wheel has also given us ample time to lament on features we wish we had. Of course, we’re thankful for items such as adaptive cruise control, heated rear seats, an actual stereo volume knob (as opposed to a frustrating electronic control) and a Harman Kardon audio system. However, we wish the Legacy included a rear-seat USB port for charging (or even a household-style electrical outlet), along with ventilated front seats and power-folding side mirrors.

You can’t have everything though, and considering its excellent interior, impressive driving experience and handsome styling, we think our 2016 Subaru Legacy long-termer comes pretty close.

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