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2016 Subaru Legacy: Bump in the Trunk

After driving the 2016 Subaru Legacy for a few weeks now, I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy the included sound system.

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While it won’t rattle your neighbors’ windows when you drive down the block, the stock system is more than adequate and delivers a clear and full sound that listeners will be glad to hear. Just as most car stereos have become integrated into respective infotainment systems, the Subaru Legacy’s sound system is an integral part of the excellent Starlink system. Bluetooth connectivity is virtually seamless, which means you can spend more time bumping the latest Run the Jewels track — and less time fiddling with your phone to play your tunes.

The Lone Speaker

While the Subaru’s infotainment system produces quality sound, it does have some unique characteristics. For instance, whereas most cars typically have two larger rear deck speakers, the Subaru only has one. The 2016 Subaru Legacy utilizes a 4-speaker configuration in which a front channel speaker and two door speakers are in the front of the cabin, and the rear speaker is positioned in the middle of the rear deck behind the back seats. While this might seem odd and off-putting to some audiophiles, I didn’t notice much of a sound quality loss.

Admittedly, this isn’t meant to be a competition sound system. At the same time, it’s not like the stock stereo systems of old, wich had sound quality akin to an angry clock radio. Originally, I was apprehensive when I first noticed the lone rear deck speaker. Due to my preconceived notions of speaker configuration, I assumed sound quality would suffer. Thankfully, the sounds emitted from our stylish black Legacy have been music to my ears. The configuration of speakers is just another unique quirk the Subaru makes work.

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