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2016 Subaru Legacy: Outta Sight

I’ve been back behind the wheel of our 2016 Subaru Legacy for a few weeks now, and I have begun to notice some interesting idiosyncrasies of the Legacy’s EyeSight driver assist system. In general, the system works well and is a great addition to the midsized Legacy. The range of additional capabilities the system offers is also impressive. However, the EyeSight system, much like the Legacy, is not without its quirks.

A Keen Eye

The EyeSight system provides a variety of functions including pre-collision warning, pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, pre-collision throttle management, and lane-keep assist. When all of these features work together in concert, the result is a driving experience that’s one step closer to that of an autonomous vehicle and a virtually accident-proof car.

The adaptive cruise control feature is easy to use, works well on the open highway and even performs adequately in traffic. While some other adaptive cruise control systems I’ve tested tend to brake or accelerate too abruptly, it’s smooth and confidence-inspiring in the Legacy. I was actually able to set the adaptive cruise control within seconds and even kept it on during my entire commute to work, encountering heavy morning traffic with virtually no worries.

Should a car come to a complete stop in front of you, the Legacy attempts to stop as well in order to maintain a safe distance and possibly avoid an accident. In addition to adaptive cruise control, I found that the lane-keep assist is also a handy feature. It implements the EyeSight system cameras to identify the lines on the road and increases torque according to the steering wheel, via power steering, to help keep your vehicle in its lane.

Watch Out Now

Despite being a robust and highly functional system, the 2016 Subaru Legacy’s EyeSight suite of features is not without its limitations. In rainy, foggy, wet or generally inclement weather, the EyeSight system will cease to function and an indicator will illuminate in the space directly above the odometer between the tachometer and speedometer.

Originally I was concerned this was possibly a defect or malfunction, but after contacting the service department at a local Subaru dealership, I learned this is actually normal behavior for the EyeSight system. This limited functionality is due to the system being unable to compensate for the reduced visibility that is inherent in these types of weather conditions. Occasionally, activating the fog lights will cause the system to turn back on, but unfortunately this doesn’t always work.

While the weather-dependent nature of the EyeSight system might be an annoyance to some, it’s probably for the best, as using adaptive cruise control during a snow storm or downpour is most likely a recipe for disaster. Find a 2016 Subaru Legacy for sale

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