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2016 Subaru Legacy: Please, Don’t Go

While driving to work this morning, I came to the realization that our time with the 2016 Subaru Legacy has almost come to an end. Usually, by the time we’ve reached the conclusion of a long-term vehicle’s tenure, I’m ready to swap it out for something new. How much can you really say about a car that’s already been written about 26 times? But this time, it just feels different. My feelings about the Legacy have evolved so much over the duration of my time behind the wheel that I’m now a little sad to see it go.

Things I’ll Miss

There’s a long list of great qualities of the Legacy, but certain things will continue to stand out in my mind even after the Legacy is gone. First, I’ll miss the amazing host of safety features included with the EyeSight suite. I’ve used all these features extensively, from the lane-keep assist that’s kept me from meandering across lanes during extended road trips, to the forward-collision warning that’s prevented unfortunate collisions with other motorists and a resulting trip to the unemployment office. I’ll even miss the road-rage-inhibiting alert that lets me know when the car in front of me has moved. The number of obscene hand gestures and angry honks aimed in my direction that this feature has prevented is likely innumerable.

Second, the sheer efficiency and range of the Legacy will be hard to replace. Admittedly, fuel economy and range aren’t exactly the most alluring qualities to wax fondly about — unless an oil pipeline bursts and every gas station in the metro area is out of fuel. Still, there’s something to be said about only having to fill up once a week, even in the land of $2 gasoline. On one occasion, I was able to achieve an impressive 538 miles on a single tank of gas. Another member of our team averaged 34 miles per gallon on a recent trip to the Capitol — if you do the math, that adds up to approximately 630 miles of range per full tank of gas. Efficiency numbers like this make my wallet shed tears of joy in appreciation, which will soon turn to ugly cries of pining for our ever-efficient Legacy.

Finally, memories of the Legacy’s stellar Starlink system will linger long after I’ve relinquished my keys to the Subaru. Infotainment systems that are so easy to use are few and far between, despite their inclusion in virtually every new vehicle on the road. The Starlink system didn’t require downloading any additional apps in order to ensure functionality, while the interface was as aesthetically pleasing as any other I’ve experienced. I’ll also look back fondly on Starlink’s reliability. Even after syncing my phone to countless other cars and having a team of six individuals syncing their respective devices to the Legacy, the system still identifies and syncs to my phone every time with no complications — I’ve put bartenders through grad school who don’t remember me this well!

In Closing

It’ll be difficult to fill the void that the 2016 Subaru Legacy will inevitably leave. Thankfully, I’ll have many happy memories to look back on and a small library of reviews from our time with the Legacy to keep my spirits aloft when new press cars just aren’t measuring up. So, on to the next — as for the Legacy, we’ll always have rush hour. Find a 2016 Subaru Legacy for sale

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