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2017 Lamborghini Aventador: Overview

What’s New for 2017?

The 2017 Lamborghini Aventador is unchanged compared to last year’s model.

What We Like

Head-turning styling that will get you noticed anywhere; powerful V12 outmuscles most supercar rivals; cool interior with a lot of exciting touches

What We Don’t

Pricing is astronomical, even for a Lamborghini; huge size makes it hard to drive; needs a dual-clutch automatic; subpar fuel economy and visibility


On sale since the 2012 model year, Lamborghini’s impressive Aventador supercar is the successor to the brand’s popular Murcielago and the latest in a line of iconic V12-powered midengine Lambos, including the Diablo, the Countach and the Miura. The Aventador is a step above the brand’s entry-level Huracan, which uses a V10.

So what gives the Aventador flagship status over the Huracan? For one thing, the price tag: The Aventador starts around $400,000 with shipping, and that’s before options. If you opt for the Aventador Roadster, expect to pay around $450,000. That makes the Aventador around $165,000 more expensive than the already-pricey Huracan.

But it’s not just price that distinguishes the Aventador from the Huracan: It’s also brawn. While the Huracan’s V10 engine delivers 600 horsepower, the Aventador employs a raucous 691-hp V12. The result is 11 miles per gallon in the city — and also a 0-to-60 mile-per-hour time of around 3.5 seconds and a top speed of around 211 mph. In other words, in addition to being one of the most expensive cars around, the Aventador is also one of the fastest and most powerful.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Aventador even took things up a notch last year, with the all-new LP 750-4 Superveloce version, which touts 700 hp, a 110-lb weight reduction, and improved steering and suspension for track use. Offered in coupe or convertible variants, the LP 750-4 is a little faster than the regular Aventador and a lot more expensive; it starts at nearly $500,000.

Despite its many benefits, however, we have a few complaints about the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador. One is its size: At more than 4,000 pounds, it’s heavier than many SUVs — even large ones. And at 79.7 inches wide, it’s just 2 inches narrower than a full-size Range Rover. Furthermore, the daring design (which means you’ll never be able to go somewhere and just blend in) results in some visibility problems.

Still, we think it’ll be easy to overlook these issues when you put your foot down and listen to the mighty V12’s roar.

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