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2017 Subaru Impreza: Athletic Equipment

After making their way through most of our staff here at Autotrader, the keys to our 2017 Subaru Impreza finally landed on my desk about a week ago, and so far it’s been great. The car is comfortable, capable and attractive, all while not seeming too nice to use in real life. Given its diverse qualities, the Impreza immediately strikes me as a quintessential daily driver for people who lead an active lifestyle.

Style and Substance

The interior of the Impreza is one of the first things that really caught my attention. Normally, my preference is for leather seating surfaces, but the mesh and cloth used to upholster the seats is incredibly comfortable. The mixture of materials, which Subaru refers to as “Sport Cloth,” has an athletic-equipment quality to it that I just love; it reminds me of the combination of fabrics used for running shoes. In fact, the seating surfaces on our Subaru are some of my favorites out of our long-term cars from the past year. They’re comfortable, breathable and stylish, while not being so fancy that you’re worried about messing them up with daily use.

The rest of the cabin is equally attractive, with carbon-fiber accents and sporty cloth inserts on the door panels. Even the aluminum pedals look like they mean business, gripping the driver’s foot quite adequately: another perfect example of the style and substance provided by the Impreza. Back-seat legroom could be slightly better, but for a compact car, it’s pretty much what you’d expect.


Despite getting much of its use in thick rush-hour traffic as a daily driver, the 2017 Subaru Impreza has been returning respectable fuel economy numbers. Since we’ve added it to the fleet, the sporty little Subaru has averaged 27.5 mpg, with a maximum distance traveled of 452.9 miles on a single tank of gas. Given the Impreza has yet to go on any road trips, we expect those numbers to rise once we have an opportunity to drive it to Colorado during the holidays, where we can see how it fairs in a more extreme climate. Find a 2017 Subaru Impreza for sale

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Rob Nestora
I’ve been working as an editor and content producer on the team for about six years. I love cars and technology, so working on a website with an automotive focus is a perfect fit.

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