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2018 Honda Odyssey: Family Road Trip

Our long-term 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite was an easy choice for a recent 5-hour drive to visit relatives. I was curious to see how Honda’s redesigned minivan would fare on a family road trip.

Major MPG

The first thing that was very impressive about our Odyssey was the miles per gallon we averaged. Overall, we averaged 24.9 mpg, but at times we averaged 26 mpg. It’s great for a minivan to get fuel economy numbers like this. Another positive thing about the Odyssey is its driving characteristics. Even though it’s a long, lumbering van, it drives like a well-behaved sedan. It handles bumps and uneven terrain without anyone noticing. The engine is strong and spirited when you’re merging and passing on the highway. The only problem we experienced was excessive wind noise on the driver’s side when on the highway — at times it was very distracting.


On this long trip, we were able to enjoy a few of the interior amenities. Our son took advantage of the rear entertainment system. He was able to enjoy a few of his favorite Blu-ray movies. The system is really easy to use and didn’t require a user manual to set up. However, the remote is a little finicky. This could be an issue if you’re the only person in the car and your kid needs help with the remote. You can only get it to work when you point it in a certain area of the entertainment system. He also used the PBS Kids app that allows you to watch a selection of PBS shows. I wouldn’t make this my only viewing option, since it requires a Wi-Fi connection. We were in a rural area and it took some time for the video to show.

Talk to Me

We also used the CabinTalk feature, which allows you to speak to the entire vehicle even when someone has headphones on. It’s a nice feature if people are in the third row or watching a movie, but it doesn’t really make sense to use if you only have people in the second row.

One thing that would’ve been nice to have is room in the back for hanging clothing. It’s very odd they don’t have something to hang items in the rear instead of only in the second row.

Overall, the 2018 Honda Odyssey is a great vehicle for a long road trip. It has something for everyone to enjoy during the ride. My family is ready for another trip to discover more features.

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