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2018 Honda Odyssey: I Have a Mild Minivan Addiction

Having a Honda Odyssey is kind of like having a mild addiction –- say, similar to coffee. I don’t even like minivans, so why would I NEED one? I feel the exact same way about coffee, as soon as I say I don’t need it and skip that morning half-cup or so, I end up getting a headache at about 2:00 p.m. So, I assume I have a slight caffeine addiction.

It’s the same with the Honda Odyssey. I don’t really like the Odyssey. I mean, I don’t hate it. I admit, as far as minivans go, it’s a good one. Both the Chrysler Pacifica and the Honda Odyssey were recently redesigned and both are very strong in different respects. Add in resale value and I’m betting the Odyssey comes out on top. Still, the Odyssey is a good van.

Then I drove it. I had Autotrader’s long-term Odyssey for about two weeks — initially. Like that caffeine addiction, I find myself unable to switch to a different vehicle.

I’m all set to turn in the Honda Odyssey, then I had a Home Depot delivery fall through – minivan to the rescue. "I’ll keep it one more week." I removed the seats and hauled home a barn door kit with room to spare.

Finally, I was ready to give the Odyssey back. Just as I start cleaning my stuff out, I realize my brother and his family (two adults and two kids) are going to be visiting. With the Odyssey, all eight of us can have meals out together and sightsee without having to take two cars. "Maybe just one more week with the Odyssey," I say. After we ate barbecue, toured a local historic home from the 1800s and visited some hiking trails near Roswell, Georgia, I said: "Now, I’m really done with the Odyssey."

Only I’m not. My wife invited her sister and a niece and nephew to our house for New Year’s. Hmmm, I might need to keep that van one more week …

The truth is, the newly updated Honda Odyssey is a really good van. It does almost everything you can think of. My kids like it, out of town guests like it and it just does the job without complaint. Arguably, the one thing it doesn’t do is look cool. But then again, I was thinking of this as I took it to the car wash. Does it look cool? I don’t know, I think the tapered rear part of the roof combined with the wheels and dark color gives it a kind of classy look. Am I fooling myself because I’ve grown to see the Odyssey’s real value? Maybe, but there is something about the Odyssey that looks substantive and that ultimately hints that it’s kind of a luxury item despite its practicality. One thing I know, the Honda Odyssey makes my life easier, not more complicated. And that’s something you never really get over. I’ll probably need to keep it another week … Find a Honda Odyssey for sale

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