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2018 Kia Stinger Ownership: The Price of Performance

It’s hard not to enjoy every second behind the wheel of our 2018 Kia Stinger given its incredible engine and sporty handling, not to mention the head-turning styling that stops even European sport sedan fans in their tracks. And while my time piloting the Stinger comes as a part of my job description, there is a price to be paid for riding in style. This became quite apparent when I realized the rear driver’s-side tire was steadily losing air and might need to be replaced.

Nailed It!

While driving to get breakfast last week, an alert appeared on the dashboard notifying me there was cause for concern on one of the Stinger’s tires. The tire-pressure-monitoring system on the Kia displays the tire pressure for each wheel, and in this case, it was showing a surprisingly low-pressure level of 20 psi on one tire in particular. I rolled down the window while driving to listen for anything that might have sounded off and heard the telltale ticking of a nail in the tire — an unfortunate but common occurrence. Since there was only a slow progression of the leak, I decided to fill the tire with air and find a tire store nearby to get it fixed in lieu of immediately swapping the tire for the spare located in the trunk.

Cost of Being Boss

Due to the Stinger’s incredibly athletic capabilities, it rides on four Michelin Pilot Sport high-performance Z-rated tires. Z-rated tires are designed for speeds in excess of 149 miles per hour, and while I will never achieve those speeds on my own, the sporty Kia is capable of reaching 169 mph, so it requires tires that are up to the task. High-performance tires come at premium however, with just one tire costing a whopping $280, and that’s before the cost associated with fitting them to the car. All total it cost $330.49 just to get one new tire on the Stinger. Had I needed four new tires it could have cost as much as $1,300 dollars — the cost of one month’s rent for my two bedroom apartment — just to outfit the Kia with new rubber.

Back on the Road

With the new tire on the Stinger, I made my way back home to the comfort of my apartment. My next task for the Kia: To see how well it ferries my 4-legged friends around town. It might be a stretch for the 2018 Kia Stinger, but I think my puppy pals will enjoy it almost as much as I do. Find a Kia Stinger for sale

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