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2018 Toyota Prius Prime Ownership: Dirty Work

It’s been a few months since I’ve had some significant wheel time in our 2018 Toyota Prius Prime and I have to say, it’s grown on me. Sure, it’s not the type of car that I usually go nuts for, but there are several aspects of the Prius Prime that I really enjoy, especially given how well it works in my currently hectic personal life.


This past weekend, the dryer at my place quit working with approximately 800 loads of dirty laundry still left to do. With no other options at hand, I opted to load up the Prius Prime and head on down to the sketchy local laundromat to handle my dirty work. I’ve had to visit the Olde Towne laundry before — with its four functional machines out of 20, nonexistent climate control and cleanliness reminiscent of a Civil War field hospital — so I knew that the less time that I had to spend there, the better.

Full disclosure: I’ve loaded a bunch of bags of mulch in the rear of the Prius Prime before, making me fairly confident that it’d be up to the task of ferrying my linens to and from the laundromat of ill repute. In general, the Prius Prime has a fairly robust storage area despite being limited due to the placement of the vehicle’s batteries. This had the potential of being an issue, as two of my hampers are tall rather than wide, so placing them in the rear cargo compartment was a no go. They did fit on the back seats, however, which allowed me to position my other two laundry totes in the rear cargo area. This meant I only had to make one easy trip to and from the coin laundry, emerging from the experience without a trace of leprosy. Score!


Despite performing well during my laundry safari, the Prius Prime’s storage area isn’t perfect. With an impending move occurring this week, I decided to go shopping for a 55-inch TV for my new apartment. After the success at the laundromat, I expected that bringing a television back from the store would be a relatively easy task. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Apparently, when transporting new televisions, the box must remain right-side up to prevent potential damage to the unit. The box, measuring in at 36 inches tall, would not fit in the rear cargo compartment due to its height. I also tried the rear seat, but that would not accommodate the box either due to its 54 inches of length. My big screen purchase would have to wait until I found a vehicle with a larger storage area, or decided to delay gratification and get the TV delivered to my new pad. Womp womp.


The 2018 Toyota Prius Prime may not be perfect, but it does get the job done most of the time. That’s probably why I’ve come to appreciate it so much. It will be interesting to see how well it performs when moving some of my stuff from my old place to my new joint, and if it will be able to accommodate several medium-sized boxes in the cargo area, as well as smaller items. Find a Toyota Prius Prime for sale

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Rob Nestora
I’ve been working as an editor and content producer on the team for about six years. I love cars and technology, so working on a website with an automotive focus is a perfect fit.

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