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2019 Volvo XC60 Ownership: Cool Tech

After spending a few weeks of this miserably hot summer behind the wheel of our 2019 Volvo XC60, I’ve come to appreciate the finer things that the luxurious Volvo has to offer. Creature comforts such as park assist and in-seat massage features have made life just a little bit cooler, despite the sweltering heat. That’s not to say that the stylish SUV is without its flaws, but generally it’s been a pleasure to drive around the furnace we call Atlanta.

Parking… Fun?

Volvo’s midsize XC60 SUV has a wealth of incredibly cool features included within its attractively styled package. Included within these are two especially awesome tech amenities: automated park assist and massaging seats. The city streets near my apartment are especially narrow, creating parking nightmares virtually any time I go out to eat. This past weekend I decided to try one of the city’s most renowned breakfast spots, and inevitably parking was virtually impossible to find. After rolling down a quiet backstreet, I finally located a spot that was large enough to accommodate the XC60. Given the lack of traffic on this quiet street, I decided to try the Volvo’s automated parking feature. I followed the prompts on the screen and slipped the XC60 in to reverse and then, as if an unseen force had possessed the Swedish SUV, the wheel spun on its own as the vehicle reversed into the spot. It was one of the most satisfying and stress-free parking experiences of my life, and has made parallel parking a more fun and exciting experience.

Holy Shiatsu

My other favorite feature is undoubtedly the seat massage feature. Nothing says luxury like getting a soothing back massage while sitting in rush hour traffic after a long day at the office. That being said, I have made it a point to demo this wonderfully relaxing feature for just about every person that rides in the passenger seat. There’s nothing quite like the look of wonder and amazement as soon as one of my friends feels the massage feature in action, and the virtually identical facial expression of everyone who has experienced the joy of a back rub while riding has been seared into my memory forever.

Beating the Heat

Now I can’t say that the XC60 is perfect, as the brutal summer heat has exposed some of the weak points of this otherwise stellar SUV. First, the air conditioning can barely keep up with the southern heat. Even on full blast it takes a bit of time to cool down after sitting out in the sun. Luckily, there are cooled seats to aid in the comfort of cabin passengers, but the cabin heat still takes too long to come down in my opinion. Another issue is that the infotainment takes too long to boot up and become fully functional after starting the vehicle. With the climate control system located inside the infotainment, it can around 30 seconds to be able to select the coolest setting. While this is to be expected given the extreme temperatures of a southern summer, it is something that I think could have been done better.

There is one way to alleviate this issue however, and one that I constantly forget about until it’s too late. There is a parking climate setting that allows the Volvo to maintain a certain internal cabin temperature, which would keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Had I actually used this feature, I likely wouldn’t be sweating like a bank robber in church every time I slide into the XC60 on a hot day. Experimentation with the feature will have to wait for now, but with Atlanta summers stretching into late September, there’s still plenty of time to see if the 2019 Volvo XC60 can really keep its cool. Find a Volvo XC60 for sale

Rob Nestora
Rob Nestora
I’ve been working as an editor and content producer on the team for about six years. I love cars and technology, so working on a website with an automotive focus is a perfect fit.

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