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Autotrader Find: 2006 Lotus Elise With 114,000 Miles

Here’s a surprise: This 2006 Lotus Elise is currently listed for sale on Autotrader with 114,000 miles. Normally, a 2006 vehicle with 114,000 miles wouldn’t be interesting at all, but this example is, indeed, very interesting — mainly because it’s really hard to drive a Lotus 114,000 miles.

I once owned a Lotus Elise myself, and I drove it across the country. That was a tremendously punishing journey that I never wish to repeat, so the idea of driving one 114,000 miles is amazing. It’s a small, low and rather impractical car, and it’s difficult to climb in and out of, so whoever drove this one this far deserves a medal.

Apparently, this particular Elise received a completely new engine and transmission at 95,000 miles, which is good news for the next owner, as you would only have about 20,000 miles on the drivetrain. That means you can buy this car and drive it without much fear of another major issue for quite a while.

If you’re interested, this Elise is offered by a private seller in Willoughby, Ohio for $27,000, which is below the usual going rate of between $30,000 and $35,000. If you’ve been looking for a cheap Elise, this is the one to get. Find a Lotus Elise for sale

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    • Care to elaborate? Do you mean the actual person who made the ad on autotrader? Or are you referring to this article as an ad? Genuinely curious.

    • They are heavily modified by Lotus and most Lotuses are supercharged and make a ton of boost, which puts a ton of stress on the engine’s components.

    • I think the question is how is it covered under factory warranty at 95k? The first owner drove it for over 80k miles so I couldn’t believe they’d certify any car much less a Lotus at that point.

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