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The C8 Chevy Corvette Will Spawn Many Amazing Kit Cars and Replicas

In July, the C8 Chevy Corvette was revealed, earning lots of praise from car enthusiasts, journalists, and the general public. It looks good, the numbers are impressive, and it’s mid-engined, which is a huge deal for a sports car that isn’t going to cost $150,000 — or even half that.

I, too, was impressed with the unveiling of the C8, and with all the numbers — but I also considered something else: the C8 is going to spawn some really amazing kit cars.

Consider this: back in the 1980s, General Motors came out with the mid-engine Pontiac Fiero, which has pretty much served as the gold standard car from which to create a replica Ferrari or Lamborghini ever since. The proportions are right, the engine is in the right place, so it works. But the Fiero is getting old, and the Fiero never really had enough power to serve as the basis for anything realistically resembling an Italian exotic, once you got inside and pressed the accelerator.

But the C8, on the other hand, probably will. Yes, right now the C8 is a rather expensive, well-anticipated sports car, and most of them are probably going to end up costing $80,000 with options. But eventually, the C8 will become cheap: all Corvette models pretty much do, except the ultra-limited production ones, and it’s safe to say the C8 will be a $15,000 to $20,000 car in a decade. And that’s when the replicas will start to arrive.

Consider it: when you can buy a mid-engine Corvette — with a reliable engine and big power — somewhere in the teens, it will finally supplant the Fiero as the car for the replica builders. And my guess is, it’ll become a very popular option, with many replicas and kit cars drawing their basis from a C8 Corvette.

Of course, this is just one of the many interesting things the C8 Corvette will bring us, and it’s pretty far down the line, as the C8 is just about to go on sale — but mark my words, the C8-based replicas are on the way. Find a Chevrolet Corvette for sale

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  1. I imagine people will buy it just for making replica’s, Get a base model for 60-70k and then drop 10k in body kit and have a replica with very decent performance for maybe 80k
    If I was Chevy I’d produce it without a body so people could add their own to it much like the crate engines, Many coach builders will suddenly crop up.

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Doug Demuro
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