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Video | 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf: 5 Reasons to Buy

The hybrid and electric car movement is real. People want to save, and the Volkswagen e-Golf wants in on the party. Here are five reasons the electric 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf will save you money and turn heads while doing so.

Sharp Style

Volkswagen didn’t compromise on style with the e-Golf, it looks just as good as any Golf. Of course, standard 16-inch alloys help, and the shuttered grille sets it slightly apart from the regular gas-powered Golf. Unlike quite a few others in this class, you can now look good while going electric.

Premium Features

To say the standard feature list on the e-Golf is long and impressive would be an understatement. LED running lights, dual-zone climate and heated front seats are just a few to name. The SEL Premium trim level has some nice additions, like a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a bigger 8-in touchscreen. See the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf models for sale near you

Tech to Match

Driving electric almost feels futuristic, so you have to have top technology to complement that. The e-Golf’s 6.5-in touchscreen has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to keep you connected to your smartphone while you connect with the road. Download the VW-CarNet app and you can check your battery level or even activate it to start charging.

Electric Efficiency

When you go electric, you’re bound to save not only on oil changes and tune-ups, but on not having to see a gas pump at all. The e-Golf sees over 100 miles on a full charge. That range varies, of course, depending on driving dynamics, but there are selectable modes that help extend range. All in all, starting at around $30,000 with zero emissions, the e-Golf is an affordable way to get into the future of driving.

Sufficient Space

Sometimes, electric cars sacrifice cargo space to place the battery. Well, the clever Volkswagen design team deserves serious credit for the placement of the e-Golf battery. The e-Golf offers a generous 52.7 cu ft. cargo hold with the rear seats folded flat. It doesn’t compromise any space, so it’s just like driving any other Golf, except this Golf won’t need a gas station.

Autotrader says

More and more are jumping at the chance to go electric. Why not look good and save? Get away from the gas pump and get to your Volkswagen dealer to check out the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf.

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