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Car Care Time: Must-Have Aftermarket Accessories for Winter

It’s that time of year again: Sweaters get checked for moths, and snow shovels get unearthed from the basement. Even if your car is shivering under a mountain of autumn leaves, it’s time to start thinking about the best car care techniques to keep your ride humming through everything winter has in store. Brrr…

“Pre-winter maintenance is critical and should be a priority”, says Richard Reina, Product Training Director of

“The approach of winter means the possibility of driving in treacherous weather conditions in certain parts of the United States,” says Reina. “The fall is the perfect time to invest in winter aftermarket parts so your car can run safely and efficiently in the coming months.”

Slide into winter with these 10 must-have car care accessories:

WeatherTech Floor Mats

Nothing does a number on a car quite like caked-on snow, ice and mud. When it comes to protecting your interior, you can’t beat WeatherTech Floor Mats. Thanks to a special type of engineered rubber that doesn’t curl or crack even in subzero weather, these mats go the wintery distance. Deeply sculpted channels trap water, road salt, mud and sand. They’re available for most makes and models, so you’ll be guaranteed a perfect fit.

BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI

To “slalom” means to move in a winding path, avoiding obstacles — just what you want when faced with black ice. The folks at BFGoodrich know that, and they’ve created tires with a gripping tread for stellar traction on ice and snow. With these, swerving and hydroplaning are things of the past. They also feature optimized sipe configuration for stellar block stability and enhanced cornering in any cold-weather condition.

Goodyear Ultra Grip SUV ROF

Those driving heftier rides such as trucks or SUVs may want to check out Goodyear Ultra Grip Tires. These powerful, steady tires offer heightened control, with directional, V-shaped tread pattern with wide lateral grooves. This helps to clear slush away from the tire for enhanced winter traction.

Thule XB-16 Tire Chains

Getting stuck in inclement weather is a real drag, even when you’re behind the wheel of an all-wheel-drive SUV. Fortunately, Thule XB-16 Tire Chains have large diameter links that help gain traction in snow or ice. And it takes just two steps to install (good news for freezing fingers), and they come in a variety of tire sizes.

AutoSock Snow Socks

Socks and winter are a match made in cozy heaven. Why not let your car share in the fuzzy fun? These recyclable thermoplastic covers are certified as a snow-chain equivalent in most states, but they may be more of a temporary solution in extreme weather. The textile covers are quick and easy to mount and remove, even in cold and menacing conditions.

SnowSport HD Utility Plow

Commercial snow plows keep our roads driveable, but imagine having an attachable snow plow that allows truck and SUV drivers to do some hassle-free snow clearing. Thanks to the HD Utility Plow, you can plow from the comfort of your ride and clear an icy mess in less than half the time. This plow has a self-adjusting blade that is both rust-resistant and won’t obstruct drivers’ headlights.

Trico Ice Wiper Blade

No one wants to get caught in a blizzard with cheap wipers. When the temperature begins to dip, upgrade to the Trico Ice Wiper Blade. These rugged yet flexible blades are designed to withstand low temps without ripping. Its one-piece design fits perfectly to the windshield to powerfully move snow and ice.

Coverking Custom Frostshield

Scraping icy sludge from your windshield is a laborious task, so avoid it with Coverking’s Frostshield, which is designed to stand up to dire weather conditions. It’s tailored to specific vehicle models so it can provide the most protection, and the Frostshield is a cinch to install and uninstall thanks to straps that close in your doors.

Winterize now, and show the cold weather who’s boss.

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