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Selling a Car: Tips for a Quick Sale – Video

Whether you’re looking for some quick cash or you’re trying to get the most money out of your current car in order to buy a new one, selling your vehicle online is definitely the way to go. But how do you ensure a quick sale when you’re selling a car? We’ve rounded up a few tips to help.

Our first tip: The more time you spend getting ready to list your car, the faster you’ll sell it. Whether it’s detailing the car so it looks good in photos or researching similar models to find out its current market value, your car will sell faster with competitive pricing and a good presentation.

We also suggest taking your time with your car listing. Yes, you should be detailed and you should be accurate — but you should also be creative by letting potential buyers know what you love about the car in a descriptive way. You should also make sure your headline is full of attention-getting keywords, with phrases such as "mint condition" or "fantastic gas mileage."

Another tip: You can never have too many photos in your ad. Once the car has been washed and detailed, photograph it inside and out. Make sure the photos are clear and well-lit, with no distractions in the background. And be sure to include any details that could be an issue later, whether it’s wear and tear in the interior or a scratch on the bumper.

Finally, be sure to communicate well when you’re selling a car. Delaying email responses and neglecting to call back prospective buyers isn’t a good idea if you want a smooth sale — so be sure to be fast and clear with any communication related to your listing.


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