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What’s New With the 2020 Ford F-600?

Ford recently announced a new addition to its commercial Super Duty truck lineup for 2020 — the all-new F600. The Ford F-600 takes some of the capabilities of a larger, Class 6 truck and offers them in a smaller, Class 5 package. As you could probably guess by its unorthodox name, as far as the Ford F-Series goes, the F-600 is meant to fill the gap between the F-550 and F-650, offering a 22,000-lb maximum gross vehicle weight rating.

What Is It?

While you may not realize it, the consumer-oriented Ford F-Series Super Duty lineup goes all the way from the F-250 to the F-450. From there, you get into Ford’s lineup of commercial Super Duty trucks, which includes chassis-cab versions of the F-350 and the F-450, along with an F-550, which offers a maximum gross vehicle weight rating of 19,500 pounds. Previously, buyers needing more capability than this had to look to the “Medium Duty” (as far as commercial applications go) F-650 and F-750. The F-650 and the F-750 are taller, bigger and wear different bodywork than the lesser members of the F-Series Super Duty lineup, with styling traits similar to those of a tractor trailer. This means that the F-650 and the F-750 are larger, more expensive, and more difficult to maneuver than the F-550, but for buyers needing a vehicle with a maximum gross weight rating of over 19,500 pounds, one of these behemoths was previously the only option.

This is where the new F-600 comes in, as it was devised to fill in that gray area between applications that require more than an F-550’s maximum GVWR of 19,000 pounds, without forcing buyers to look to the massive F-650, which may be more truck than they desire. The F-600 offers a maximum GVWR of 22,000 pounds, achieved via upgraded driveline and chassis components along with heavier-duty 19.5-in wheels.


Two different engines will be offered with the F-600. A 7.6-liter V8 turbodiesel will likely be the more popular of the two options, and it makes an impressive 450 horsepower and 935 lb-ft of torque. The F-600 will also be available with the newly announced 7.3-liter V8, for which power figures have yet to be announced. Regardless of engine choice, every F-600 will come with a 10-speed automatic transmission offering an available power take off with up to 300 lb-ft of torque.


The F-600 is available exclusively as a chassis cab. Buyers will be able to choose between 2- and 4-wheel drive.

Tech & Safety

Inside, the new F-600 offers all of the driver-assistance safety features available on the more consumer-oriented Super Duty lineup. These include forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning that offers vibrating feedback.

The F600 also comes with a factory-installed modem that allows for 4G LTE Wi-Fi. This integrates with Ford’s Telematics and Data Services programs, which allow fleet managers to track the trucks’ locations, drivers’ driving habits, and overall efficiency, effectively connecting the whole fleet and helping businesses to cut down on excess costs.


Altogether, the F-600 appeals to a variety of applications that require more than the maximum 19,500-lb GVWR of an F-550, but don’t warrant the excess size of the larger F-650 — effectively straddling the fence between the two classes of vehicle. Apparently, Ford thinks there are enough people who will appreciate the added maneuverability of a Super Duty package, but with the hauling capabilities of a larger, medium duty truck. Buyers interested in the Ford F-600 will have to wait until early 2020 to place an order though, and deliveries won’t start until mid 2020. Find a Ford for sale

Chris O'Neill
Chris O'Neill
Chris O'Neill is an author specializing in competitive analysis, consumer recommendations, and adventure-driven enthusiast content. A lifelong car enthusiast, he worked in the auto industry for a bit, helping Germans design cars for Americans, and now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He runs an Instagram account, @MountainWestCarSpotter, which in his own words is "actually pretty good", and has a... Read More about Chris O'Neill

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