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2021 Nissan Rogue Says Sayonara to Pesky Wires

Regular business travelers will know that feeling of relief as recently as 10 years ago when they discovered a USB port in a rental car. Whew! You had a place to plug in your cell phone cable. Even then, you never knew if that port would put out enough power to charge to a shiny new iPhone 3G.

Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Apple CarPlay Compatibility

Those days are long past, even if those cars are almost definitely still on the road (the average age of a car on the road is nearly 12 years now). You may not know it yet, but the next big thing is wireless. The 2021 Nissan Rogue is one of the least expensive cars on the market to say goodbye to wires thanks to its available wireless charging pad and wireless Apple CarPlay compatibility. Read our 2021 Nissan Rogue Review

The latter is on Rogue SL and standard on Rogue Platinum, and it’s a big deal for iPhone users. No longer do you need to plug your phone into the Rogue to pull up Apple CarPlay on the 9.0-inch touchscreen. With wireless CarPlay, the system automatically recognizes the phone once it has been paired for the first time. That means you can keep your phone in your pocket, your purse, your backback, or really anywhere inside the Rogue. It also means no more forgetting your phone in the car, which may reduce the risk of a break-in. Ask us how we know.

Not all new cars offer CarPlay, let alone wireless. The Rogue is one of the least-expensive new SUVs to offer the feature.

Additionally, Rogue Platinum SUVs include a wireless charging pad in the center console, and Nissan dealers offer the feature as an accessory upgrade, too.

Garage Door Opener 

Nissan also offers an unusual accessory garage door opener, too. Dealers can install a frameless auto-dimming rearview mirror that boasts a removable three-button garage door opener remote.

Flip a lever and a remote about the size of a keyless entry fob will fall into your hands. With a hole for a key loop, the remote is easy enough to take with you, too.

This unexpected garage door opener is the perfect solution for drivers who routinely park outside their garage but still want the convenience of an opener built into the rearview mirror. Unlike many garage door openers built into rearview mirrors that operate even when the car is off, this removable fob can go with the car’s owner. Simply take the remote fob with you when you head inside and your garage won’t be easily accessible to thieves. Find a 2021 Nissan Rogue on Autotrader

Andrew Ganz
Andrew Ganz is an author specializing in helping in-market consumers get the most bang for their buck -- and the best car, while they're at it. When not virtually shopping for new and used cars, Andrew can probably be found under the hood of a vintage classic that's rapidly losing fluids.

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