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What Are Infiniti InTouch and Infiniti Connection?

A certain beloved animated character raved about going to “infinity and beyond.” That enthusiasm can also apply to Infiniti InTouch and Connection infotainment systems, which are seamless, striking and super easy to use.

The automaker’s newest tech leap is InTouch — the elegant, digital hub nestled smack in the center rack of the automaker’s new sports sedan, the Q50. It has not one but two large monitors and lets drivers sync up with Google Calender and Facebook via touchscreen, voice command or intuitive controls. To make the commute a little less taxing, fire up one of your favorite music apps, such as Pandora or iHeartRadio. Audiophiles will love hearing their custom stations flowing from the 14-speaker Bose sound system.

Another standout feature of Q50 is i-Key. It’s a tiny doodad that remembers scores of little details about a driver — from driving position to cabin temperatures to favorite routes. Each of the two i-Keys supplied with each car will store these personalized settings for two different drivers, and the info is saved automatically.

The basic Connection package includes automatic crash notification, enhanced roadside assistance, remote door lock/unlock and maintenance alert, as well as a dream feature for every harried parent, crazed executive and budding entrepreneur. That feature is My Schedule, and it hooks up with your smartphone’s calender to remind you of upcoming meetings, birthdays and play dates. It even goes the extra mile by giving you turn-by-turn directions to your next appointment.

Another way Connection makes you feel like a VIP is with the Infiniti Personal Assistant — a live concierge buddy who is just a touch of a button away, 24 hours a day. Your assistant can help you with directions, snag you a coveted seat at the hippest eatery in town or let you know a storm is on its way.

As for safety, Connection offers a smattering of options, including Drive Zone, which uses GPS to alert you via phone, email or text if your vehicle is, well, on the move. Valet Alert will let you know if your beloved ride has been driven out of a particular parking area. Parents of teen drivers may be all about the Max Speed Alert function, which will ping you if your vehicle exceeds the specified maximum speed you selected before your newbie driver got behind the wheel.

Going above and beyond is clearly Infiniti’s path, and, with Infiniti InTouch and Connection, it shows no signs of slowing down.

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