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What Is Cadillac CUE?

Sleek and streamlined, Cadillac CUE merges the sleekness and functionality of an iPad with the sturdiness of a top-notch infotainment system. Those in the market for a Cadillac XTS, or ATS will undoubtedly love how it adds a techy punch to the driving experience.

It boasts an 8-inch LCD touchscreen that looks and works like a smartphone and a tablet — displaying large icons for frequently used functions, such as audio, navigation, phone, system settings, OnStar, Pandora Radio, etc. Accessing your digital stuff can be done in three ways: via voice recognition, buttons on the steering wheel or a swipe of your finger.

Like your well-loved smartphone, Cadillac CUE lets you spread your fingers to zoom in on a map or swipe quickly to zip through songs. You also can program the homepage to keep your faves right in front of you (no more scary scrolling while driving).

Upping the coolness factor is how the system uses technology that senses your hand as it approaches the touchscreen. Once you’ve pressed an icon, the screen pulses to acknowledge the command — something you can actually feel — so there’s no need to take your eyes off the road. Icons not in use fade black, only to illuminate when you reach toward the screen.

Just as you can move around apps and functions on an iPad, CUE works in much the same way. You can customize your homepage with your most frequently used presets or favorites from songs, addresses, maps, phone numbers or system commands. They appear at the top of the screen in a customizable app tray.

Unlike other voice-activated systems that require awkward, choppy commands, CUE uses Natural Voice Recognition for music, nav and phone instructions. Instead of clunky, one-word instructions, you can speak normally, making it a little easier to find the best route to that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try.

For true audiophiles who can’t imagine not having access to all of their music all the time, the system aggregates tunes from multiple media devices into a single list, allowing you to call out a song command and have CUE find it in a flash.

Cue the techy goodness. You are in for a sweet ride.

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