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Look Closely: The 2021 Nissan Rogue is Loaded with Invisible Tech

There is more than meets the eye with the 2021 Nissan Rogue. This five-seat crossover can be equipped with a lot of tech features that may not be readily apparent. One kick underneath its rear bumper will pop open the tailgate on certain versions, while only the driver will get a look at the head-up display that projects certain information onto the windshield.

Here’s a look at some of the hidden tech features that are available on the 2021 Nissan Rogue.

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Active Safety Tech That Works with the Navigation System

Automatic emergency braking, active lane control, and other radar and sensor-based collision-avoidance driver-assistance features are hardly uncommon, but few are as sophisticated as the ProPilot Assist system available on the Rogue. The system standard on the Platinum and optional on the SL uses data from the navigation system to automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed ahead of curves on a highway or roundabouts, and it can slow the Rogue in anticipation of a highway exit.

It can also adjust the Rogue’s speed to the posted limit automatically, a helpful feature that could help fast drivers in speed zones.

Automatic Emergency Braking That Can Stop for Pedestrians and Bicycles

The Rogue comes standard with one of the most advanced suites of collision-avoidance tech, which is highlighted by the automatic emergency braking system. Not only can it see the car ahead of you — and even two cars ahead in certain situations — it’s on the lookout for bicycles and pedestrians.

This is just as helpful and potentially life-saving in tight urban situations as it is out on a country road, where a cyclist may pop up out of nowhere. Unlike some rivals that bundle more advanced versions of automatic emergency braking as an extra-cost option, the Rogue comes standard with this system on every trim level.

2021 Nissan Rogue

Head-Up Display

The Rogue Platinum includes a massive 10.8-inch head-up display that projects various information onto the dash directly in front of the driver. The system can show as little as the vehicle’s current speed to a bevy of information such as upcoming navigation turns, the posted speed limit, and the status of the vehicle’s various driver-assist systems.

Motion-Activated Tailgate

A kick under the left side of the rear bumper pops open the tailgate on SL and Platinum trim levels. Once open, the power liftgate — which is also optional on the SV trim — can either power shut at the tap of the button or power shut and lock all of the vehicle’s doors.

2021 Nissan Rogue

A Wire-Free Existence

The Rogue is one of the least-expensive new SUVs to offer wireless Apple CarPlay compatibility, which is standard on the Platinum and optional on the SL. Working just like wired CarPlay — but without the pesky cable that always seems to be in the way — the system projects certain iOS apps onto the high-definition touchscreen display.

Platinum versions also include a wireless charging pad, so you can park your iPhone in the center console and arrive at your destination all charged up.

And all but the base Rogue S include a Wi-Fi antenna that turns the vehicle into a rolling hotspot perfect for streaming videos in the back seat or making the SUV into a mobile office. Find a 2021 Nissan Rogue on Autotrader

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