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Buying a Used Car: How Many Previous Owners Is Too Many?

Should you avoid a car that's too many previous owners? And if so, what's the magic number? We have the answer.

Why You Should Avoid All-Wheel Drive Unless You Need It

We're explaining the reasons why you shouldn't buy an all-wheel drive car unless you really need the feature.

Buying a Car as a Recent College Grad: 5 Tips

Done with college and ready to buy a car? Awesome! Here are five excellent tips on the car-shopping process from AutoTrader's editors.

Should You Fix Dents and Scrapes in Your Older Car?

Your car is scraped and has a few dents. Should you bother fixing it?

Why Is Trade-In Value Lower Than Retail Value?

We explain why you shouldn't expect to get a retail price for your car if you trade it in for a new one.

Buying a New Car: Getting the Most Money for Your Trade-In

We've listed a few tips that will help you get the most money for your trade-in when it comes time to buy a new car.

Car Insurance: Do You Need Collision and Comprehensive Coverage?

If you own your car, you can drop your collision or comprehensive insurance, but that only makes sense if you can afford to do so.

The Art of Switching Car Insurance: 6 Things to Know

Switching car insurance entails buying new coverage as well as canceling the old. This is how to do it.

Your Car Has Been Through a Natural Disaster: What’s Next?

Your car has been flooded by a natural disaster. What is your next step to get back on the road again?

Flexdrive: Multiple Cars, No Commitments

Here's a look at how Flexdrive, the automobile subscription service, works.

The Truth About Worn Tires

Michelin wants to open a dialogue about how tires change as they wear down. Are all worn tires equal?

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

Many people can't afford a new car, but buying used can be a risky prospect. Do certified cars hold the answer?

Can You Buy a CPO Car From an Independent Dealer?

Can you only get a certified pre-owned car from a factory dealer, or can a used-car dealer sell you a CPO car, too? We're taking a look.

When Is It Best to Buy a CPO Car?

We're taking a look at the optimal vehicle age for taking advantage of a manufacturer's certified pre-owned program.

Here’s What Happened When I Tried Flexdrive for the First Time

Curious about the world of automotive subscriptions, I recently tried getting a car from Flexdrive.

Used Cars: The Brands Causing Consumers to Stretch Their Budgets

Nonluxury brands lead the pack among those on which used-car buyers overspend.

Vehicle Safety: Ford SafeCap Helps Keep Drivers From Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Falling asleep at the wheel can be fatal. Ford partnered in developing a cap to help driver's stay alert behind the wheel.

2019 Jeep Cherokee: What’s Marrakesh Got to Do With It?

Jeep interior designers turn to Iceland and Marrakesh as inspiration for two new 2019 Jeep Cherokee interior themes.

Fuel Cost: Battery Electric vs. Gasoline

According to a recent report from the Michigan Transportation Research Institute, fueling an electric vehicle is cheaper than a gas one.

Car Insurance: New Report Ranks Vehicles With Highest and Lowest Insurance Losses

IIHS and HLDI recently released a report listing the vehicles with the highest and lowest overall collision losses.

10 Innovations From 100 Years of Chevrolet Trucks

As the arrival of the new Silverado is on the horizon, we look back at the long, rich history of Chevy trucks.

Used Cars: Make an Older Car New with a Custom Leather Interior

Having that new car smell in an older car is just one reason to opt for a new leather interior.

Retro Chevy Truck Bowtie: How to Make Something Old New Again

In celebration of its 100-year anniversary, Chevy trucks developed a heritage bowtie badge for its Centennial Edition pickups.

Chevy Trucks: 100 Years of Design Milestones

Head of Chevy truck exterior design Rich Scheer shares his favorite five generations of truck design.

Vehicles With Salvage Titles: Following a Natural Disaster, Are They Worth It?

Vehicles with salvage titles may not be the best bargain following a natural disaster.
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