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2012 Ford Edge: 5 Reasons to Buy – Video

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The 2012 Ford Edge is all about attitude. If you’re tired of losing your generic crossover in shopping mall parking lots, this flashy Ford’s for you. But there’s a lot more to the Edge than just its hot looks. Here are five reasons why the Ford Edge remains one of our favorite mid-size crossovers.

1: Great Looks

The Edge has always traded on its cutting-edge styling, and recent updates have made Ford’s mid-size crossover even more appealing. There’s a sleek new front fascia along with more bling – even LED running lights for that luxury-brand look. There’s also an exceptionally wide variety of wheels to choose from, starting with the 17-inch standard ones and going all the way up to the Sport model’s sick set of 22s.

2: Technology Rich

Ford says that huge numbers of Edge buyers are opting for the MyFord Touch system, and we’re not surprised. MFT is a must-have if you love the latest gadgets. The system transforms the nondescript base dashboard into a technological tour de force, including an eight-inch touchscreen and sleek virtual buttons on a piano black center stack. There’s also the Sync voice-command system, which means that sometimes you don’t have to touch anything at all.

3: Turbo on Tap

If you’re worried about buying an SUV when fuel prices are so volatile, the Edge’s optional EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder will put your mind at ease. Delivering 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque, the front-wheel-drive-only EcoBoost engine is almost as capable as the standard 3.5-liter V6, but here’s the real news-it gets 21 mpg city and 30 mpg highway, an efficiency gain of more than 10 percent over the V6. Not bad for a vehicle that weighs more than two tons.

4: Decent Handling

Did you know that the Edge uses the same basic platform as the Ford Fusion? That’s right: underneath the Edge’s muscular sheetmetal are the bones of Ford’s unusually athletic family sedan. Of course, the Edge rides higher and weighs more, but it responds well to quick steering inputs, evincing none of the tippiness that’s typical of traditional SUVs. If you want a mid-size crossover that drives more like a car, you’re going to like driving the Edge.

5: Manageable Size

More crossovers these days are sprouting third-row seats, and they can feel almost like cargo vans when you’re maneuvering in tight quarters. The Edge is strictly a two-row crossover, and its dimensions are just right. There’s plenty of room for passengers and cargo, but check this out-the Edge is more than six inches shorter than the aforementioned Fusion. So when it’s time to navigate a tight road or parking structure, this Ford will never cramp your style.

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