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2012 Nissan GT-R Review

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Previous generations of the Nissan GT-R have been called Godzilla, and the 2012 Nissan GT-R retains that nickname. The 2012 GT-R really is more of a monster than a car, since it’s capable of intimidating some of the highest-quality, top-dollar exotics on the road while amazing those who see one drive by.

Even though the overall body style has not changed much since the GT-R’s debut in 2007, the 2012 model year has some great options that separate it from the others. The biggest option for enthusiasts is the Black Edition. To start, the Black Edition comes with a sweet appearance package and specialized black-out alloy wheels. Inside, the Special Edition comes with black and red leather Recaro racing seats and a black headliner. This package does come with a cost of $5,000, but still keeps the 2012 GT-R under $100,000 — a price point any automotive manufacturer wishes their supercar could be priced at and still be profitable.

Speaking of competition, other vehicles on the road are hard-pressed to match up to the 2012 GT-R because of its low price point and outrageous specifications. For example, when comparing the GT-R to the latest Porsche 911, you might get slightly more status with the Porsche since it is more recognizable, but it does not come close to the power and capability of the Nissan. When comparing the price point, one might say that the Corvette as a regular model is thousands cheaper, but one would have to opt for a Z06 or even a ZR1 to get close to the power of the GT-R.

Nissan has kept the same 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 engine in the GT-R model since it was first manufactured, but the 2012 model offers the largest amount of power yet at a total of 530 horsepower — up to 50 horses! Nissan has also kept the all-wheel drive system and 6-speed dual clutch automated manual transmission since the first model, but they were able to make a few changes to help with durability and shift timing.

Inside, however, Nissan has only made a few changes for the 2012 model. For instance, the LCD display mounted at the top of the carbon fiber center stack offers excellent information, including such important performance data as g-forces, shifting patterns and lap times.

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